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Werewolf Tails


Duke Fishron
There's not much I can say about this, other than the fact that It adds tail to werewolves, includding their monster version.
I'm not much of a pixel artist though, so shading isn't my thing, but based on my testing in-game, It seems like I did a good job with It.
It's funny that Terraria werewolves have no tail, though, I didn't really had much trouble adding and animating It.

Special thanks to Tes V: Skyrim for the animation idea.

Mega - https://mega.nz/folder/U9pHmZhZ#3y9CEErn5ew3TqsIzsOkNQ


Official Terrarian
Thank you for this aesthetic, I have noticed the werewolf texture without a tail before and it drove me crazy! Thanks for making this :D


Duke Fishron
Yep, I'm in the group of people annoyed too, even more since the pet has tail, and the monster and player sprite doesn't.


Official Terrarian
No, it was with the file itself. Me who made a small Terraria mode moved the folders around until it worked. and I does


Duke Fishron
Uh... What?
Edit:. I found out what is the problem. The root folder isn't Content.

Edit2:. Now It should work correctly.
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