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What accessories do you have equipped?


I was just wonder what kind of this different people have equipped, because it depends a lot on personal preference and what tools/armor you have.


Well, on PS3/PS4 have:
  • Armor:
    • Turtle Armor
  • Vanity:
    • Jack 'O Lantern mask
    • The Reaper Robe
  • Equippables:
    • Avenger Emblem (+4% damage)
    • Destroyer Emblem (+4% damage)
    • Ranger Emblem (+4% damage)
      • Lightning Boots (+4% damage)
    • Ankh Shield (+4 defense)
    • Red's Wings (+4 defense)
      • Flame Wings (+4 defense)
I use Red's Wings for building or destroying large buildings or backgrounds. When not building I'll replace the items with something else.
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theclownfish II

on console i currently have full turtle armor and for my accessories ill go with the ones i remember

frostspark boots
cross necklace
ghost wings
honey cloak



Actual equip......................Vanity
Menacing Fishron wings.........Flame wings - Green flame and Black
Menacing Ankh shield...........Paladin's shield - Green flame and Black
Menacing Sniper scope..........Fire gauntlet - Green flame and Black
Menacing Ranger Emblem......Lava waders - Green flame and Black
Menacing Celestial Stone.......Cross necklace - Intense Green flame (WOAH! Something different!)

I'll give armour too because why not.

Shroomite Helm of any kind....Jack o' Lantern Mask - Green flame and Black
Shroomite Breastplate...........Chlorophyte Plate Mail - Green flame and Black
Shroomite Leggings..............Chlorophyte Greaves - Green flame and Black (Yes, I like this dye)
I'm still trying to achieve better Armour/accessories but heres what I have currently.

Armour: Full Chlorophyte armour, Melee helm. (But I will switch to turtle armour depends on the situation)

Warding Obsidian Shield
Warding Fire Gauntlet
Warding Star Veil
Warding Flame Wings
Warding Lightning Boots

Like I said im still upgrading what I have now, but this setup is working very good for content im doing, i'll probably keep all these accessories and upgrade some of them (etc Obsidian Shield to Ankh Shield)
And ill change and switch and play around with a few other setups.


Empress of Light
I have:
Sorcerer's Emblem
Mana Flower
Moon Charm
Frostspark Boots
Fishron Wings

Band of Mana Regeneration with Rainbow Dye
Jetpack with Green Flame dye
Sandstorm in a Balloon with Cyan Dye


Official Terrarian
Vanity: --------------------- Equipped:
Jack O' Lantern Mask --- Beetle Helmet
Reaper Robe ------------- Beetle Scalemail
------------------------------- Beetle Leggings
------------------------------- Warding Ankh Shield
Spooky Wings ------------- Warding Fishron Wings
------------------------------- Warding Frostspark Boots
------------------------------- Warding Celestial Stone
------------------------------- Warding Fire Gauntlet
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Another one of these threads. Keeping this picture around really pays off. I'm going to ignore the fact that two of my characters are missing here.
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