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what boss had you farmed way to many times to get the weapon you wanted


im am currently still farming betsy i have goten 2 betsy wrath and 11 flying dragon and i just want the sky dragons furry

update i have the weapon now


Betsy and Orc, the issue with them is that you have to do the event again from the start, for a summoner this is okay as this just gives your more sentries to use, but other classes it's all about betsy weapons which are pretty good, problem is getting the drop you wanted.

Other is the blood moon mini-boss I forgot the name, mostly because Blood Moon isn't easy to force trigger as the other events, so trying to get sanguine staff it quite the pain.


1. Moon Lord, it seldom gives what weapon I want.
2. Duke FIshron, I have farmed it 31 times for the Flairon once, and about 16 times for Tsunami in another playthrough.
3. Wall of Flesh, not a weapon, but I have once fought it about 40 times for a warrior's emblem.
4. The Destroyer, about 50 times for its trophy (thanks god its in Journey mode).


Official Terrarian
Not really a weapon, but farming for Duke Fishron's wings. was a sore. I think I had to fight him, at most, 12 times to get the pair of wings I needed hahhah.

Pro Tip: Try fighting EoL first, hopefully getting her wings, and then use those on your fight against Duke.


On mobile - Golem for the eye
On console - nothing, 1-3 times and ta da
On PC - I isn't killed king slime yet ;-;
If the trophy counts, you can say i farmed all the bosses


Skeletron Prime
I'm gonna say it, we all now that this is a boss, those chaos elementals, seriously it takes forever to get the Rod of Discord, so why wouldn't you consider them a boss?


Official Terrarian
Back in my 1.2 days I farmed Duke Fishron 30+ times. Constantly, spend an hour getting the Truffle worm, lose 90% of fights, this is with two others helping by the way, and all for a razorblade typhoon. I also got the summon and spent all my money trying to reforge it to mythical... the next drop was a Mythical staff... I didn't get the reroll either.


Official Terrarian
Ever heard of Arkonauts? he killed over 800 planteras, (counted the keys to show it) and in his 500+ episode finally got The Axe. I got it on my first playthrough and my first Plantera kill


I had to kill Golem around twenty times to get a single Possessed Hatchet and the Moon Lord around thirty for the Meowmere.
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