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Console What HAVEN'T you done on Terraria so far?

Nike Leon

Staff member
Oh boy this is going to be a vague question with many vague responses. Isn't that just terrible, haha.

So I'm ticking off the things in my head that I've done in the many many dozens of years that I've been playing Terraria, (.24 dozen, to be exact.) and I realized that I have never truly legitimately had a Christmas Frost Moon event! I've never, ever used a Christmas tree thing or the lights. I've never gotten or used any of the gear that you normally get in the Frost Moon event. It's just never come up. I'd love to make a Christmas area. I don't even celebrate the holiday, but it just looks so lovely. ... and filled with pine trees and other pointy yet friendly things, like Reindeer and pinecones occasionally.

I really need to get on that! o_O

How about you? What things have you notably not done yet that you've really been meaning to get around to doing?

Kindly don't answer if you just purchased Terraria a few minutes ago. :p
I saw this over in PC General talk and saw no reason why it shouldn't be discussed here amongst us CONSOLE players as well :)

Personally I've never played anything except softcore unless it was for a PvP
I've never legit earned 100 platinum
I've never gotten the Axe from Plantera or Rod of Discord from Chaos Elementals

what are your goals you've yet to achieve?
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I just fight them on the natural terrain. Works for me everytime.

I have yet to play any of the 1.2 content on console, after the bugfix patch anyway.


I've never made any of the liquid generators. Too much work, and no matter where and how you put them they always seem out of place somehow.


Hmm, what I haven't done. That's actually a hard question. Here goes..

-Fighted the legendary Pumpkin Moon
-Acquired a Shadowbeam Staff, Terra Blade, Unholy Trident, any weapon in a hardmode dungeon chest excluding the Snow Chest
-Acquired the extremely rare sword in the rock underground
-Acquired more than 10 pl
- Fighted all bosses at once
- Completed a hardcore character


I haven't made my house area look very good. I just created my living quarters out of necessity and kept playing. Time to change that I think.


After many, many hours of farming I have yet to get the Eater of Worlds trophy. I've recieved all the others, pumpkin moon bosses as well, but the EoW trophy continues to be a thorn in my side and an empty spot in my trophy room. Sigh....

Nike Leon

Staff member
I never sat on a chair :( (1.3 plzplz)
That's actually an NPC only thing... but this is for things you can technically do legitimately but haven't yet. :)

I have never obtained frozen turtle shell or gotten rod of discord (I do not cheat)

Or completed a hard-core character;(
I have yet to get a frozen turtle shell as well!
I also have never designed an aesthetically pleasing home base.
I've never soloed all the HM bosses.
I've never killed a boss with a copper short sword. (might try it with dragon armor :p )
I've never killed the Dungeon Guardian solo.
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