What is your favorite game?

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I don’t actually have a specific ranking for these games, so Terraria isn’t my favorite between these and I wouldn’t have a favorite one if Terraria didn’t exist, but my top games are:
Hollow Knight
Enter the Gungeon
I really enjoy rougelikes (Risk of Rain 2, Enter the Gungeon, Noita, ScourgeBringer, Nuclear Throne, Hades (though Hades is a pretty not-rougelike-y rougelike) being the ones I play), and I also really enjoy VR games (Boneworks being my favorite from that department), but I have to say my over all favorite game is Outer Wilds. If you haven't played Outer Wilds you are doing yourself a disservice. One thing I will say is don't get too excited with Googling it; the game is based around a mystery, and the gameplay is exploration and basically just exploration, with the game not having any actual progress. Because of this, there are many many things that you can spoil for yourself. I would highly recommend playing it, but for your own enjoyments sake don't Google any hints, even if you get stuck on a puzzle.
Oh, and before you call me out for not having Terraria anywhere in there, I absolutely love the game and it is my most played game on Steam. Of course Terraria is one of my favorites, we're on the Terraria forums!
Terraria, FFXIV


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Here's my top 6 games that I'd choose from my list in no particular order (Minus Terraria since that one is obviously up there, more games that I play are listed in my signature too.)

Minecraft - I've been playing Minecraft since around 2013, so I've established a meaningful connection with it over time. Just the freedom to do and make whatever I want feels freeing and relaxing all the time.

Hollow Knight - Amazing art style, music, gameplay, and everything else. It has the perfect amount of challenge in it for me to keep pushing through without getting frustrated, and has tons of amazing content that fits together seamlessly.

Celeste - Super fun challenge that pushes you to the limits of what you are capable of. Storyline is neat and the level design is super fun to play through.

Gris - No words for how beautiful this game is, the art, music, and everything came together to make an incredible experience that really touched me. Even if it isn't entirely focused on the gameplay, the message and story conveyed throughout is enhanced by the interactiveness and gave it a much deeper connection to me. Certainly worth experiencing at least once (as are the rest of these).

Oneshot - I love all of the characters in this game and the fourth wall breaking is done in a fascinating way. Actively being a character in the story really let me connect to the world more and made the endings feel much more personal.

Undertale - First big game I picked up outside of Minecraft and Terraria, as well as first game I played with a storyline to it as well. I love the amount of choice included in the game given to me to determine what happens in the world. The characters are also really dynamic as well and the combat system is entertaining in how with you can interact with who you are fighting.
Terraria, Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, Minecraft, Spec Ops: The Line, Gears of War, Battlefield, Modern Combat Sandstorm, 2, 3, and 4 on iOS, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and Soul Calibur VI.
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