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What is your favorite terraria pet?

Discussion in 'The Crossroads: General Cross-Platform Talk' started by zekam11, Dec 23, 2015.

  1. zekam11

    zekam11 Skeletron Prime

    Like the title says, what is your favorite pet, mine would be the little eater pet. Second place would be tied with bunny(pc pet) and slime(console pet)
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  2. The Terraria Swag Beast

    The Terraria Swag Beast Official Terrarian

    Um... The Tree that looks like the mourning wood miniboss. Sadly I don't have that pet yet. :(
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  3. zekam11

    zekam11 Skeletron Prime

    I believe it's called the cursed sapling. It's a cool pet, one of the top 5 used pets, 1 looks cool, 2 produces light and can help you find caves, ect. Good luck getting it.:)
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  4. Arpiter

    Arpiter Terrarian

    2.The black cat
    5.Little eater
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  5. Jet1755

    Jet1755 Spazmatism

    Cursed sapling :)
  6. Nemo

    Nemo Terrarian

    Can't use any pet because my pet dye slot has Shadow dye in it, in an attempt to make the Stardust Guardian less annoying. :(
  7. MrToni250

    MrToni250 Terrarian

    My favourite pets, is listed on this section.

    1: The black cat-> is currently on my other character.

    2: Mini minotaur-> because that's warriors best friend. :)

    3: Baby hornet-> it is little vexious, that's not it, but can't teleport anywhere, where you going all over places.

    That's all of it.
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  8. Zinnia

    Zinnia Lunatic Cultist

    SEEDLING (SAPLING?) ... The one Plantera drops. Definitely my favorite.
  9. Varsia

    Varsia Spazmatism

    The spider, the little baby eater, the lizard and the turtle.
  10. MrToni250

    MrToni250 Terrarian

    But that turtle is very rare find on jungle chests. :indifferent:
  11. Morkovka

    Morkovka Skeletron Prime

    that Black (im not racist) Sapling
  12. Aurora3500

    Aurora3500 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    It is kind of a tie between the Cat, Seedling (One dropped by Plantera), Lizard, Eye Spring, and Zephyr Fish. They are all fun pets to have.
  13. Tamorr

    Tamorr Terrarian

    I would have to say slime(on console) and unsure about on the pc.

    pc I guess the spider, sapling, and penguin... I think that last one is a pet... Don't recall, but was something I found in the snow biome underground, or was it a drop... Haven't used it in a while since I got the spider leaping all over the place.:dryadsmile:
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  14. Anth7150

    Anth7150 Spazmatism

    Has to be the baby skeletron head. Not because its a smaller version of a boss, but its the difficulty to get it...
  15. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Terrarian

    Probably not a popular pick, but my favorite's the bat pet. I really like bats, and the bats in Terraria are cute. I just like having the little fliedermaus float beside me, and I like to call the guy "Little Otis," after the term "Myotis."
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  16. Ezel

    Ezel Brain of Cthulhu

    Cursed Sapling and Squashling.
  17. jrm923

    jrm923 Skeletron Prime

    Cursed Sapling and Black Cat.
  18. thecoolkni

    thecoolkni Terrarian

    Turtle. <3
  19. Morkovka

    Morkovka Skeletron Prime

    Cursed Sapling and Black Cat.
  20. SpartanSHATTER

    SpartanSHATTER Spazmatism

    Baby dinosaur. That little chunk of amber took me FOREVER to get.
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