PC What was the first mob to kill you? (Expert Mode)

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Heya :p

Simple, after the 1.3 update, what was the first thing to kill you? :p
Would be nice if only players with fresh character/world posted.

As nubby as I am, slime (can't remember which color but green or blue) was the first thing to kill me, got swarmed and underestimated the lil buggers. D;
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A Vulture, with the help of a Sand Slime. Honestly, I was expecting to be killed by a green/blue slime first :p
Zombies on the 1st night, just like what happened when I played Terraria for the 1st time ever. I found a spear so I was able to keep my distance from their freakishly long arms, but there were so many at once. They devoured me.
Blue slime,I was such an idiot and died even more times after that,now it's all better and I do get my gold back :)
A boulder got me the first time. The first mob that got me was one of those elementium geodes, second mob was a medusa, yeah, never going to fight them in a fair fight again. And lastly about an hour ago EoC killed me.
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