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What Would You Add Day 3: New Weapon


I once thought of a weapon that's kind of the opposite of the Daedalus Stormbow: this bow summons arrows outside of the screen too, except these go directly at you, and you can only control from wich point of the screen the arrows will be summoned. This could be useful in e.g. invations, when there are strong enemies far away from you.


A spear or staff called 'The Fork' which fires a forking lightning bolt similar to the one fired by the cultist.


More flails (real ones, not launched). Flails have been totally neglected, and deserve some more content. Plus, they're really cool. Actually, thinking about this makes me want to do a flail only run...


Duke Fishron
'The Shredder'. A claw that uses custom clawy / scratchy looking effects along with fitting sfx when used, deals decent damage and also applies a bleed effect.


Preferably a bow, which shoots two arrows, and if you have two types of arrows you can shoot both types, and since it'll consume both or well, most likely the next shot of two arrows will be the same arrows as last time but not consume. Hmmm, no idea why but this kind of came to me on the spot.


Empress of Light
A sword that you can swing normally, but can also charge like the Charged Blaster Cannon, to shoot a projectile as well. That would be a little more interesting, and could probably be balanced well.


Maybe a sword that increases in size and damage the more enemies you kill in a row. Would for example be great for events, and it requires the user to play very aggresively.


Or maybe 3 rods for each weather type: one staff that makes it rain where you point your cursor, one wich makes it snow, also slowing down enemies, and a lightning staff, completely stunning enemies.


Official Terrarian
I'd rip-off one of Custom Robo Arena's coolest weapons, in the 'Gravity Gun'.

Shoots a quick projectile that, if it stays within a few tiles of a surface, keeps moving in the direction fired. If it hits an enemy, the enemy takes big upwards knockback.

If fired into the air, after the projectile moves 7 empty blocks or so away from any surface it stops in place and expands in radius and damage.

Battle Bee

The Excaliber.


Excaliber Big.png

A Hallowed sniper rifle!


Speaking of Gravity Guns, some sort of telekinesis magic/device could be interesting, as well.

Basically, a Magic Missile-like projectile that deals no damage by itself but can "pick up" enemies and other objects. Then you can throw your enemies at other enemies or solid ground, after which they take damage.


Eye of Cthulhu
I have this persistent idea of what I call the 'chainsaw beam' which works much like the golden shower, except instead of a parabolic arc, it simply shoots out, and curves back to the user. The use rate is insanely fast, and it has very low knockback, which means most enemies will simply walk through the beam, getting chewed up by the twin streams until they die.
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