Which biome is your least favourite biome?

Least favourite biome?

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Proof terraria is in the Atlantic. This is a big piece/peice of lore!

On topic, I HATE DESERT.
How are desert spirits even fair? They can spawn offscreen and create wall-piercing, exploding, undestructable, semi-homing projectiles at the player without revealing themselves.
Also sandsharks and the variants. WHY IS A SUPER-FAST MOB THAT GOES TROUGH SAND AND HITS LIKE A TRUCK FAIR? It’s like they want you to build a skybridge over the desert, but avoiding mobs should NEVER be the intended for things like that.
And i haven’t even talked about the worms... or the wind debuff...
I think Granite and Marble could have a less common generation rate per map. They're just not that interesting enough - but if they were much rarer they would have their charm.

The early desert sandstorms screw over all my cheesy plans. Getting through them is about as easy as a one legged cat burying a turd on a frozen lake.

The ocean needs more love. If it was much larger and deeper and had some serious content down there in the abyss I would rate it more.
I dislike the Tundra and the Hallow, both for the same reason:
When I played Xbox 360, my arena and main base were in those biomes. I’ve just gotten sick of them, honestly.
Spider caves, by far. Arachnophobia is "fun". Crimson is a runner up, partly because more spiders, partly because I'm just really not a fan of the design.
I also hate the aesthetic but one thing about the Crimson that I havent seen talked about is it's shape it's so jagged and big and takes up so much space in terms of containing.

Also something I havent seen mentioned is the background, the thought of flesh growing off of a massive skeleton/skull is double gross.
I absolutely despise the new desert biome. Especially with a sandstorm, it's literally impossible to get past in early game and when theres desert on both side you can't move anywhere. The Underground Desert isn't any more fun, though thankfully the enemies get stuck sometimes. While the Jungle is aesthetically pleasing, it's extremely tedious to travel through, especially with Jungle Bats (Bats are my definite least favorite enemy type) and the B E E S
I hate hardmode Underground Crimson (in Pre hardmode it's fine) because I just keep getting bombarded by the Groose or Grose ghost things. They are so annoying.
Tricky to decide between Hallow and Crimson. However, I believe I would have to choose Hallow due to how it overrides Crimson or the beautiful Corruption in the spread, as well as the tougher enemies and infuriatingly cheerful sounding music and headache inducing colors.
Crimson. It would be a good biome if it wouldn't spread to the Jungle, or at least do it slower. Jungle is my favourite biome so I hate it when something destroys it. And too much gore.
My least favorite biome is the corruption, because when you start a new playthrough, the monsters are pretty difficult, and later in tge game, they become more annoying than anything. Another reason is the giant chasms, they always get in the way of exploration!`:mad:
I'd go with Marble, because it's rather empty and boring. Every area is the same: A marble ceiling, a marble floor and two cut-off edges to whatever biome it generated in.
(Would be nice if the devs would flesh out this area some more.)
I don't consider marble, granite and spider caves a biome on themselves, they're just a part of the biomes they generated in.

So, my vote goes to Crimson. I still like it, there's not much I dislike in this game, but yeah, because I have to choose one: The fleshy meat theme is rather gross. Not to mention the Crimson furniture. Yuck.
I really hate the Corruption because I find it hard to cleanse due to all the chasms, I find Crimson quicker and easier to cleanse, especially when I have to go farm something from the World Evil, Corruption is enclosed into a tunnel and chasms making it much harder to fight without clearing any area, Contrarily though, the Expert Mode drop from the Eater of Worlds (Worm Scarf) is an amazing accessory for any character
I dont like the underworld because there are a ton of monsters down there and I always get knocked off into the lava. also, i ave to spend 5 hours building a hellavator.
Marble biome. Not only is it the bane of my existence in expert hardcore (h o p l i t e s) but it's got nothing good and unlike Granite, it becomes a pain in hardmode. Recently I died to falling in lava because a medusa froze me and I couldn't stop myself from falling in. The only redeeming quality of Marble is that its blocks look good for palace builds.
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