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Who thinks that Cthulhu shouldn't be added as a boss?


it goes against his entire purpose. Since he is a unimaginably huge space god daddy. he is so huge that any human that sees him goes insane since he (to our feeble minds) is unimaginably powerful and huge.
(look it up for a further explanation)


Pretty much. Heck, even his own ORGANS are somehow quite formidable. Not to mention that the Moonlord is his brother, thus, giving us a Cthulhu-like boss already.


Staff member
I don't have a link to the post on me right now, but I do recall the Developers saying at one point that a Cthulhu boss would never be added.

Aside from that, in my opinion, it felt like Terraria has never needed a Cthulhu boss. Just because we fight the body parts of Cthulhu doesn't mean that Cthulhu as a whole needs to be fought. Aside from that, as mentioned by UltiDaniel, the Moon Lord is Cthulhu-like. More than that, it feels like Moon Lord effectively is Cthulhu, that was my 1st impression of the Moon Lord when I fought him. It is as close to a true Cthulhu fight that I think we will ever get in Terraria, and the eyeballs in it's forehead and palms that it has referred to as the "True Eye of Cthulhu" seem to further give the implication that the Moon Lord basically is the Terraria version of Cthulhu. I think it's enough also, as the Moon Lord is a challenging and satisfying final boss, and it wouldn't make sense in my opinion to have more bosses after the Moon Lord.

I'm aware that Cenx has stated before that the Moon Lord is Cthulhu's brother. This is just my own perspective on the "aura" I get out of what the Moon Lord is.


Empress of Light
I don't think we need it. Because I'd say the Moon Lord is more than just "kinda like Cthulhu", but rather the Moon Lord is like a way of implementing the concept of Cthulhu but under a different form/name in order to allow for more originality and creativity without feeling like it's just Cthulhu but inaccurate.
The Moon Lord is similar to Cthulhu in some ways: the face and the insane size.

And there are the differences between eachother: The Moon Lord has no Wings or Limbs while Cthulhu has both, The Moon Lord is Beige with glowing Aquamarine Colour parts like his eyes while Cthulhu is green and has no glowing eyes.

So Cthulhu won't be added.


The Destroyer
Imagine, actual Cthulhu becomes second phase of expert moon lord. "Hey bro, I can ya gimme some help here?"


Imagine, actual Cthulhu becomes second phase of expert moon lord. "Hey bro, I can ya gimme some help here?"
Or when ML is about to get into his second phase, it looks like he's dying but with the presence of cthulu, he gives him an other chance to fight with a spell or something
Fairly certain that the reason why they aren't ever going to add Cthulhu and is why they added the Moon Lord over Cthulhu as an "end boss", is to leave the game open for interpretation as to what is coming next. If Re-Logic were to add Cthulhu, it would give the game too much closure as far as end-game progression went, making it so progression updates that go past him hard to come up with. I mean, what would beat Cthulhu, considering his body parts alone are formidable enough.


Eye of Cthulhu
You know i dont think he could fight well because he doesnt have a brain anymore making him stupidly just punching everywhere and shooting lasers like a madman
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