Blocks & Decoration Wire Snake

Master Geass

Even with the increased range of the wrenches that 1.3 gave us it is still a lengthy task for long distend wiring. A number of people have suggested wireless teleporters or wireless receivers. I'm against them for a few reasons including greffing. I have also heard that some of the devs are dead set against them. I have my own take on how to fix the problem. I am sure someone has come up with something similar but I couldn't find it with a search.

The Wire Snake is a 1x1 red box that you could place down. On one side is a black or gray nozzle. You will be able to change the direction the nozzle is facing, ether with a hammer or maybe just right clicking it. The nozzle could face left, right, up, or down. When using a wrench on it wires will go in a straight line in the same direction as the nozzle. This would be similar to placing a rope on another rope only you can make it go in any direction you want. As you hit it will the wrench a number will appear overhead. This is to tell you how long the wire is. This way you can know when to stop.

I considered having it come in the 3 different wire colors and giving it an inventory of one spot. In this version you could put a set number of wires into it and it would shoot them out when you let go. However I wanted it to be compatible with my Endless Spool idea.

You could sometimes buy it from Mechanic or maybe the Traveling Merchant. Given how powerful it is I didn't want it to be available right away. Like with the wrenches and wirecutters holding it will make the wires visible.
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