Weapons & Equip X-Ray Specs and Endless Spool

Master Geass

I have two accessory ideas that both have to do with wiring. They aren't that big so I may as well put them together.

The X-Ray Specs are sold by the Mechanic. There probably should be a limit as to what times you could buy it. When equipped it will make all wires and actuators visible. This is will make things easy when building structurs with lots of wiring involved. I made it an accessory to discourage people from running around dungeons and underground with it to spot traps.

The Endless Spool is another accessory. This one would be 3996 wire at a Crystal Ball. There should likely be another requirement for crafting, I know some people won't mind it if it needed some rare drop. When equipped you will have an endless supply of wire when using a wrench. It will also destroy wires when using the wire cutters. There are two reasons for this. One is to keep them from cluttering up your inventor when working on your builds. The other is to help keep people from cutting wires and selling them to make their money back. I know they could just place the wires and remove the Spool but it would still take a while to do so, even how many wires it takes.
I don't see why you want to stop people seeing traps underground. They could just hold a pressure plate or drink a dangersense potion.
Apart from that this is a great suggestion and I support
It was something of a trade off. Holding a pressure plate or other wire item ties up your hands so you can't fight or hold a torch. The dangersence buff wears off after a while. I also wanted some way to turn it off as you wouldn't always want it on. Still it could be like the PDA/Cell Phone where you could toggle each of the different readings.
I gotta say yes for the endless wire.

However, the wrench are already your X-ray specs, you only need to see the wire when you're using one of those tools, right?
I'm not sure if infinite wiring is worth 2 platinum.

2 plat is too much.

agreed. if implemented as suggested, it would be one of the top 5 most expensive items in the game (tied with the Tiki Totem, Diamond Ring, and Clemtaminator, with the Parrot Cracker being most expensive.)

as for the X-ray Specs, i like the idea and agree they need to be an accessory. in fact i'd be even meaner and suggest they should got in the Helmet Slot
I should have pulled out the calculator before I posted. I am willing to trade half the wire for some other item. I just couldn't think of what.

I don't mine if the X-ray Specs are an accessory or "armor" for the helmet slot. Ether way works for me. Like the googles and sunglasses I wanted it to effect the looks of the player. I went with accessory because I wanted it to be compatible with helmets that don't cover the eyes. Still I don't even know if that's possible.
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