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PC Wiring Improvements and QoL


I've got ideas for 4 mechanisms that would make a mechanics job a lot simpler and a lot more organized.

1: Logic Lamp Bridge

There would be two different tiles, one for a lit lamp and one for an unlit lamp. For the purpose of logic gates, they would act as either a lit or an unlit lamp, but they would be unaffected by wires. This would be extremely useful for compacting circuits and could make them much nicer looking.

Here's a mock-up of a super simple hexadecimal to binary converter:

(The faulty lamps would be bridges)

2: Rotated Gates and Lamps

The ability to rotate gates and lamps would be another huge help for compacting circuits and prettyfying them.

3: Delay / Diode

This mechanism would be 3 tiles long. When the input side receives a signal, the output side would send a signal one frame later. This one would help with a few things, such as:
Making circuits more orderly by giving actions an inherent sequence.
Getting rid of the dreaded smoke puffs by delaying state changes.
Removing the cooldown for any other methods of delaying a signal (Traps, Mob Statues, etc.)

4: Indicator

This would act like a gemspark block, but its two states would have a high contrast for an easy to see visual output. Currently I use a granite candle on a platform, but that takes up two tiles vertically, which uses up precious, precious space. The other problem is that candles, torches, gemspark blocks, and others, when placed, start in their lit state. The indicator would be placeable in either state so that activating an extra time when placing isn't necessary, especially when there's no good place to run a wire without affecting other devices.

I'd like your feedback, and I'd like even more to see these ideas implemented.
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