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Skeletron Prime
Because Ka- Nvm, Baconfry did this to avoid sig limit, so I will too. :)

Stormfury, The starfury's succesor and More!
-The Ultimate upgrade to the Starfury
-My most prized thread

Pepper Spray
-Pre-HM flamethrower

-Burden to Demon eyes

Change to Celestial Acessories
-Makes Celestial
Accessories more useful
-Great for Mages

Minion Hotkey
-Gives Summoners a little help with their...well, summoning :p

Ammo Indicators
-A bullet for every gun.

Blood Orbis, Magnet Sphere 2.0
-Mage Weapon Supreme
- Super fun Weapon

The Kasai
-Awesome Melee Weapon
uramasa Upgrade(ish)
-Beautiful Sprites

More Burst Weapons
- Giving the Clockwork a Family

More Rune Content
-Because a Vanity isn't Enough

HM Consumable Weapons
-presents HM consumables
-pretty bodacious thread - @Red H2O

Be sure to check out the threads! Thank you!
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These are all some great ideas Wisp, I love every one of them. Thanks for the compilation, makes for easier access.
Thanks! I'm glad you like them :)

EDIT: Link is in my sig now :)
Even better, a quick link. Make it easier and easier as each minute passes, huh? And you're welcome, I like to feedback on suggestions a lot, the majority of my posts are on ideas, concepts and the sort.

EDIT: @CraftedNightmare05 You realize this is not a single idea, but a compilation of ideas?
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Detest? What does that mean?

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So, what about dem slimes?
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