Switch witch is rarer

which one of these are harder and rarer to find/craft

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Master ninja gear can be a pain to get. First you have to defeat Bone Lee a few times. If your world doesn't have climbing claws, then you have to fish for a long time.
I think paladin should is rarer
Paladins are rare and super annoying to fight
I personaly don't think that paladins are that hard (even though I'm in master mode). I find randomly while going through the dungeon, defeat it with a good ranged weapon.

Multiplayer? Master ninja gear. The people who got to the world first would usually dry up all resources of claws and shoe spikes, of which one is impossible to get any other ways. And trading for it is hard because terraria multiplayers are very stingy on trades.

Singleplayer? Uhhh meowmere minecart mainly because moonlord is a bit difficult if your playing any difficulty but classic (or journey), and you have a lower chance of getting it.

pretty much all of these are easy to get with the right setups when on single player
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