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With Great Power Comes Great Accessibility - Introducing Terraria's New Journey Mode


I don't imagine the devs would go to all the trouble of making something as awesome as Journey Mode promises to be, and then begin carving out content. This is re-logic, not EA/Ubisoft/Activsion/etc.
True, of course, but we can't for example generate a world with both Copper and Tin ore, or Demonite and Crimtane, right? I would have expected such possibilities, to be able to have one world that holds all the content ever possible (I do believe we can fish them up, but...?).


You can actually get alt ores and stuff with slush blocks and silt blocks.

EDIT: You're gonna have to make multiple worlds anyway, there's multiple dungeons, stuff that has a chance not to spawn in world gen, and so on.


Yes, exactly - I would have expected Journey Mode to offer customisation options on that level (ensure that the Dungeon contains all three themes, or select your own Dungeon theme - or, respawn the Dungeon in pristine form, but with one theme replacing the other). But ah well. :)


A world generated using the '05162020' seed generates all pre-Hardmode ores with crimson and corruption biomes. After WoF destroying six altars generates all Hardmode ores.
Edit: included Hardmode ores
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