Xbox One World bugged

Discussion in 'Console Bug Reports' started by DarkArtist, May 18, 2019.

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    Ok so I made my world joinable so a friend could join (went to multiplayer and hosted) and I chose my main world. After I got in, my whole screen is black and I can’t see my character but I can see the names of the npcs and move around. I decide to leave the world and go to single player. After I got in, the same thing happens but this time the menu music is still on but after it ends it’s just quiet. I leave again, restart my terraria and come back in but the only difference is that the screen isn’t black but I can’t see my character, When I move, the whole world seems to duplicate like the frames are off. I’m not sure what’s wrong but if I leave my house and go to a certain distance, it fixes and I can see my character and the music is back. I’d like to know what happened so I can actually be in my house without the game glitching.
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    Hi @DarkArtist, I’m not sure what is happening, that sounds like a weird glitch. If you haven’t already, I suggest sending this info straight to Pipeworks (the console developers). You can do that using this form: Terraria: Console & Mobile Bug Form

    They probably won’t reply, but they do look over every message they get.