Console Worlds being "DELETED"

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  1. krooskar

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    I have played Terraria on xbox for about 2 years now. always playing on the same big world with all my NPC's, farms, buildings, stuff, etc..

    this bug will only work when: you have auto-save turned off and you are in you'r friends' world.
    exit, with saving, the game. while you'r game is saving make the host exit the game (also with saving) while you are saving and leaving. now go into one of you'r own worlds, the game acts really weird and it sais in chat that the host of the game you where just in left the game. you jump back to the main menu. go back into you'r own world and it changed into you'r friends' world. everything is gone and is replaced with you'r friends' stuff and building.

    already lost 2 GIANT worlds because of this.

    I don't know if this is one any other platform than xbox one. never had it on xbox 360.

    please look into this,

  2. Unit One

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    Sorry to hear that Krooskar, I have seen other reports of worlds being overwritten to a friend's world. It seems to happen when the host's game cuts out.

    The Xbox One and PS4 are getting a big update hopefully later this year which may solve this issue. In the meantime, when you're playing online multiplayer take special care to let the save process have plenty of time to do its work.
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  3. XoArK

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    People unintentionally get copies of my world by this. I want it patched, because this could happen to me, even though, due to a previous update where if you had autosave off and exited with saving, the game would crash. This is why I don't exit with saving on other people's worlds. I just save, then exit without saving. Much faster and much safer.
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  4. Hannahmaree4

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    YES THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ME!! IT JUST RECENTLY HAPPENED and I'm very mad about it because I worked very hard on my world and it makes me no longer want to play terraria Boo.
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    Please someone inform me if there is any way to fix this PLEASE
  5. Unit One

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    Sorry Hannah, unless you have a backup on USB of your world to restore from, I don't know of any way to retrieve your world.
  6. Da Gurillas

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    How is it that a company can put out a console update 3 years after the same exact update is released on another platform, and then upon release allow massive issues such as deleting player worlds. I don’t understand how Re-Logic feels it’s fair to push an unfinished update out to the player base with the knowledge that hours of gameplay would be lost and the loss of players due to such bugs would be eminent.
  7. Blizzrd

    Blizzrd Spazmatism

    Bugs slip by sometimes. Just because it’s the same update doesn’t mean the same bugs come with it. Every platform has different abilities and mechanics. Sometimes a feature that was fine on another system becomes a bug on another. With the amount of people complaining, (mainly people who don’t understand the immense effort it takes to do this) they have been hurrying everything up to get it out. With that situation it’s inevitable for bugs to occur and sometimes have trouble being fixed.
  8. Sengcor

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    I understand bugs happen. There is no such thing as a bugles game. The devs rewrote the game from scratch(an immense amount of work). Bugs are everywhere can't and will not agree with you that this IMMENSE bug is just a "slip up". I have now lost two worlds to this bug, One being something I've had since some of the first releases on Xbox one(also the create a new world so it will only replace that doesn't work because I just had a world replaced /deleted that was not played on) this is not a slip up, it is an oversight and most likely something that came about because of rushing.( The Terraria devs were under a lot of pressure to release this update to console.) Careless is not what this is but nevertheless it needs to be addressed along with all the other bugs found and hopefully more than just a "sorry for your loss" cop out or "hope you have a backup on a drive( which by the way isn't possible because Microsoft believes in an almighty cloud save but that's their issue not pipeworks). I also desperately want at least one of my worlds back however I can understand if that isn't possible. Thank you.
  9. Blizzrd

    Blizzrd Spazmatism

    I feel where you’re coming from. Maybe this particular one is giving them more trouble than others? I can’t really explain it, but unfortunately you cannot get your worlds back unless you had them saved somewhere external.
  10. Sengcor

    Sengcor Terrarian

    Yes I figured I couldn't get my world back. Complaining won't get me anywhere but thank you for the reply.
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  11. Maximus Lucco

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    I have played for about 4-5 years first on mobile then xbox now most recently on pc and just happened to me on xbox. Is there any way to get this back bc i have had this world for about 3 years and I have collected most of the items in the game and it is now all gone.
  12. Blizzrd

    Blizzrd Spazmatism

    If you’re talking about getting your console world back, there’s currently no way to unless you had it downloaded somewhere external.

    CORNWHOLEYO Terrarian

    Is there any way to prevent th
  14. Blizzrd

    Blizzrd Spazmatism

    From what I’ve seen it’s just multiplayer so, avoid it is my only answer.
  15. koper

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  16. DragonSt0ne

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    Two of my world's fell victim to this bug and I was sad I had this world for a year. Ever since the game came on I wasn't able to convert my world from 360 it would just load through the generation and not display. Since that I started over and it's all gone.
  17. gtasthehunter

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    Check for save back ups and if there are none you yourself it to blame, if stuff like this never happen something else could happen and could lose all data.

    And backing up saves should be a standard practice for all games and that is using both online storage, and USB drives, what if a console fails or power outage while a game saves and you get corrupted data. and if a console fails you'll like have to send it in to get it fixed and there goes all the save data.

    And when there is an update make note along with autosave warning to back up saves and don't join someone else till saves are backed up. and dont' load any other worlds!

    And this autosave warning is getting really annoying for me there should be an option to not show this autosave warning over and over. Cause sometimes I start the game step away and the autosave warning is there for like a few min when the menu should be showing by then!
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  18. Basil423

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    Hey guys I had this glitch happen to me just today and I am very disappointed because I lost all my awesome loot. Although there is a way to prevent this from happening to your good world. One thing you can do is put all your good loot in a piggy bank or safe. Also before you a friends world, go into a world you don’t care about before going into your friends world to prevent it from happening to your good world. I’m not as furious about this because I know a duplication glitch and I have all my good weapons and armor with me.
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    Hey guys this happens to me and one way to prevent this from happening is to join a world you don’t care about before joining your friends world and also put all your good loot in your piggy bank or a safe