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Story Writings, Ramblings, and other Observations


These writings receive dedication for the likes of Phil Hoffman, Patrick Swayze, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Robin Williams, and Prince. May they rest in peace.
When I obtained a copy of Terraria on my phone Christmas Day, I wanted my first character to resemble the default Player. In the end, he was close and adopts his surname. With the surname comes intelligence and the good parts of myself before I went nanners in these forums and other places. He helped me play the game "normally" because I handle it rather oddly.

Nowadays, I rest my choice to gave our man of the hour traverse Earth with Folgerphone next in line seeking evil forces that manage to advance beyond their universe and whatnot. As he ventured in Darwin IV and Earth, he takes every break recording his sights with most of them reviewed by me and published for your viewing and entertainment here.
To Move to Another 'Verse
With all manner of special abilities given to them from various sources, players such as Boris can travel to other 'verses with ease; especially our known one where he'd coexist with his creator, yet meet him every once in a blue moon or so I heard.
Treesmasher said:
If you feel you will be constantly shut down whenever you say something, just stop talking. And you shouldn't assume :red: all the time. You don't know what people think. Why say they hate you because they said one thing.
Bezi said:
And lastly, everyone here is human, so are you. Behave accordingly, please.
Player said:
Sonic 2sday is a day that I'll never forget.
Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin said:
... Some women govern their husbands without degrading themselves, because intellect will always govern.
Whitney Spinks said:
Unbuild it!
"The sisters of the DEATH, Honor your DEATH."
Some people do not understand what they would ask for once some changes were implemented for the next mobile updates. My regards go to my native Amazon users because it would take such exasperation to ensure that they shall be patient or else the personnel at 505 and Codeglue would be accused of screwing all of us over. They are the oversight, letting fellow Players find and defeat the glitches present within the system framework. They have blessed people like me to bring upon these recordings within Darwin while others in different places are set up by me.

Being Alex's great companion and one to call him out on his infatuation for myself and where I stand often is rather satisfying; indeed watching others go at him to make him calm down when he gains sight of an Artist is also a fun sight and an interesting read. Either he or the artist in question would delete such posts to preserve integrity of the parties and act as if nothing happened at all. In that case, someone completely different would resume the conversation and fate would settle the score.​
Well, that was crazy! Then again, I'm back at Darwin with Bezoar in mind. I have gathered every ingredient for the Ankh Charm except for it. I do recall obtaining it at one point or that was a hallucination. I may be smart, but nobody's perfect. I'm pretty sure that those mushrooms were clean from the start; there's no way that they would be responsible for such phenomena.
Several Terraria years later...
As it turns out, during those days I searched for it, the Hornets did not drop it just yet. Having known that earlier, it would save me more time to focus on other things in the world; however, it was too late.
Terraria, unlike its contemporaries, has its griefing situations under control with those coming from other places; wary of the motives of others. The scene isn't too big to the point where we would have our equivalent of Team Avolition and we are thankful for not reaching that point. Those in the scene would be accused of proving themselves to hate the game to the point where they play to wreak havoc on the innocents; such would be said about the trolls and trust me, I've seen plenty of them roaming around.
On December 6, I went to the pier down at Oceanside. What Alex told me about his last visit is that he witnessed a man intoxicated by lead paint. I bring this up because I witnessed someone similar. Sure, these people act rather uncontrollably and you can't help but call them out on their choices, but I happen to find this other man's ramblings something worth recording. To begin, he was walking awkwardly, shouting a few random phrases as he went.

Everyone else (myself included) minded their own business and the man shouted, "WHO WANTS SOME!?" Five minutes later, he fell flat to the ground. However, he got up five seconds after the fall; some people were shocked at what they witnessed. Anyways, I went over to the Ruby's straight ahead; before I could cross the threshold, the man approached me and ask about considerations to make any further purchases. I was lent $20 afterwards, but I wanted a chance to admire the scenery during this wonderful sunny day and look around. After all, every dollar counts and things went back to normal as far as I know. As much as I would desire, I refrained from climbing down the ladder nearby.​
Sometimes, a guy can face so many weird dreams to the point where he/she's able to detect one with ease. What if it did not happen yet? In the case with J.K. Rowling on a steamroller chasing someone, I was informed of a somewhat similar premise.

One day, in an empty 2-story house, there laid a Super Nintendo with controllers in both ports and what appears to be a blank Game Pak. The console lay adjacent from one of those TVs with the odd backs. There I was, in plush form, and the Pak vanished. A mysterious figure grabbed me and inserted me into the empty slot. I was sucked into the television as the Pak went back in its place. The TV turned on, showing some footage of Terraria (version 1.2.4 for PC, presumably). Here I was, in native form, moving about the world in true platformer fashion. Strangely enough, there were no enemies, yet I had Copper and Silver Shortswords and a Broadsword made of the latter. Indeed, it seemed as if it was a mere demo of some unknown figure's work considering what I have witnessed and the specifications of the system in question.

Unfortunately, I could not see the progress of this prospect as I was stuck in the unknown world with a chance appreciating the fine scenery which would probably give the SNES some hiccups here and there. With that being said, it wouldn't take long realizing the fact that this is a rather ambitious 2D game on par with the likes of Sega's Super Scaler arcade titles, Zyrinx, and the majority of the known demoscene. So I wished the mysterious figure good luck on his venture in the most subtle way I can do so; that way, I do not condemn it to a place occupied by Bubsy and Awesome Possum. Then again, me and Player serve as an antithesis for those characters by bearing more of the same characteristics and taking the time to develop our personalities for the sake of representing a changed time. 13 minutes in and I'm still in the demo. And then this song plays. "Hey, Boris. Do your best. Teehee."
Player once told me today that it rains often in the planet Krodacia, where he now takes residence. He too is waiting patiently for the Masters to give us more "toys," being aware of the birth of Lillith. Such an occasion would be more spectacular considering that it's the New Year, yet we must put up with old problems. The thing is, most working adults cannot take certain events in their lives and forget about them later; there are times where they would be reminded of said events. Having heard of his and Jamison's exploits together (whereas Player serves as a proctor for the Master Justin), they helped prepare me for any further encounters. It appears as if they would require the assistance of a Player whenever they plan to defeat an otherworldly menace for personal reasons.

Today, I got word from Player that Krodacia got destroyed by mysterious forces. Fortunately, he decided that he should take residence in Tutoria or find a new world. In that case, he opted for the latter; in a better place.

The new world would be Parms, a peaceful sect in the Fantasy Zone once occupied by the likes of Salpedon until he was bested by the likes of the Space Harrier (as depicted in this image). Indeed it was anything but today when the Crimson infected it; he's got quite a bit of work to do.
"Alex? Alex! We need to talk," I said to my creator today as he is filming his news broadcasts. Right now, we are discussing my move from Darwin to the fundamental KeenWorlds and surrounding territories as well as the future Prime Minster of China. Strangely enough, we can operate independently; when we "come out and play," what one could be percieved as the Puppet Master likes to do weird things with us and those from another realm. As he documents the extraterrestrial evils that plague our universe, his plans get the best of him. Now an innocent woman's form was taken in a not-so innocent manner. This may be the doing of the other forces that made Player find another home. After besting the spirit, it came to him once again with his postings in these forums pointing out his doom. Sure, he can be crazy at times, using TCF to vent out his overwhelming praise for the Artists, but he can be reasoned with.

"Calm down. Do it for the Terrarians, those who you fight for. Listen to them and take that advice at heart. What will the Masters know when they hear of one who founded the Series and saw what you have done!? All I want to tell you is to be courteous; watch your criticism. You are one for exaggeration, talking about things beyond the impossible. Be sure that others can get what you're trying to say so they won't misinterpret it. You're making some changes with your plans and here's one thing I shall tell you and to do so immediately:

Please, don't let your passion go to your head. I'm pretty sure that a good amount of us could deduce those effects and it doesn't look good for our community. Keep said discussion at a casual level and don't get crazy. Think before you post. I thank you for giving me purpose, intelligence, and an interesting look on life that you could've possessed yourself; but you gave it to me instead. Take these words in stride; the forumgoers are watching you. That is all.

Thank you and good evening!"
[The audience applauds...]
The Terraria Time and Space Traveler Team (also known as Dimension Force) is an organization operated by the supposed destiny of the Couple Spinks founded some time in the third quarter of yesteryear. Abiding by it, its goal mainly ensures that time machines and items bearing equal or lesser value do not get used with evil intent. Should the occasion rise, they organize raffles get drawn and the winner shall deal with the disturbance by any means necessary.

Following its founding, they also establised T.A.R., Terrarian Air Rescue for short. Considering that someone along the likes of my creator usually interprets the destiny, there exist times where offenders would use conventional aircraft accompanying their mission and insist that Players involved in the division beat them at their own game with what they have in favor of weaponry native to our universe that defeats them anticlimactically. As of this revision, it's now a passing memory.
Two months have passed after I took a trip to the Oceanside Pier. Today, I took a casual stroll at Coronado; said stroll was quite interesting by its sheer unusualness compared to those faced by people before me. When I made a stop at the Cheese Shop, I came upon a woman bearing similar physical properties to me. She wore a blue shirt and [compilmentary] shoes as well as a pair of cerise pants; her name is Azure. I had the sense that she would arrive at this location to give foresight on the fate of our initial universe. That's given, being a Terrarian on normal Earth soil. There she was, sitting on one of the chairs at an outside table. I approached a table and grabbed a seat.
"Azure! How are you doing? I believe that we've crossed paths with each other several times before."
"Those times were meant for greetings and brief compliments."
"Now is the time that we make sensible conversation."
"So, Boris, let me ask you a quick question: what are the most popular flavors of ice cream?"
"I'd go with Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry. What is the answer for, fine lady?"
"A pair of hostile Player clones were created and they plan to wreak havoc on us, the innocents. I ask the question not because I want to prove your remarkable intelligence; it's my way of giving news, whether it's good or bad. Come to think of it, what are your most favorite flavors of ice cream, Boris?"
"I'm guessing Vanilla and Chocolate, then. Maybe that's their names."
"How did you know?"
"I used context clues to help me with these questions."
"You're a clever man, Boris."
*The two burst into laughter.*
As part of T.A.R., I was told about how time travel will be accessible to the public as of now and the responsibility to ensure that they will not use it for evil intentions (or abuse it in general). I bring this up because I heard news about how the Star Racket can send its targets or users across various periods in the past, present, and future."
"It's true, but I haven't used the described function at the moment. As fun as it is talking to you, I must return to Castle KBB with fair Snicker. Fare thee well!"
"Indeed I shall!"
We left the Shop at 4:25 P.M.​
Alex knew of a time where I would hang out with him and the ilk of his Players in the version of Terraria that started it all: the PC. Four years, going to five, and it shows that it has came a long way (the game, not the universe; that of which was created a billion years earlier than our normal 'verse). When he brings up this subject on these Community Forums, he points out that his primary motive comes from him and the folks at Amazon having a bit of a tiff, I should say. As a general rule of thumb, I got the bag of spilling along the way: I lost some items exclusive to the mobile sect and I should acquire their equivalents in here. Needless to say, several items I were able to retain with ease and others took longer than usual for who knows what or why.
Retaining the Ivy Whip led to some wicked observations by my Controller: having used monster aggression in the Dungeon as a way to signify the release of 1.3, the mass of Jungle creatures after me was either inevitable because of the things I have done in Darwin IV with the bezoar and all or my adornment of Turtle Armor back there, or possibly both. In PC, I don the Frost Armor for its bonuses, especially the Frostburn effects on enemies as well as the fact that "melee and ranged attacks emit light." Back then and even today (yet in Mobile, I was adorned with the Gift recently), I have the Jungle Rose in my head further signifying my origins to others and how I wield the Fire Flower. Mayhaps all those (in-game) years of practice payed off; now I'm ready to play in the big leagues if I haven't done so already.
Here is an account of a battle between representatives of good and evil with our hero in one side and Bracchea on the other.

About the Seductress
Looks can be decieving, that of which can be used to steer others towards evil acts that can spell their doom. However, Lady Bracchea has only one major enemy- that of which is Player whose existence leans towards his destruction, expectedly besting her with every meeting. As she goes about, making herself seemingly more powerful as a way to get even with him for good, a new competitor would face her... That would be Boris.
He approaches and partial shivers go down his spine; fate would come. The woman in blue appears after him.

"Oh, look. Someone different, yet bears the face of a man that I highly antagonize. Identify yourself at once, little serf!"

"My name is Boris; I have heard about your actions towards Player, that 'man you highly antagonize.' To be an arrogant soul whose goal in life is to take that of a man and that man only, refusing to understand why, of all in our humble universe, you desire to destroy him!"

"You... Your clothes... Your preference for pretty little flowers on your hair! Such is one that would temper me, as his closest and dearest friend!! At last, your time has come; you seem a bit underwhelming compared to Player Character. Now's your chance to prove my opinion wrong and to leave this area alive or not. Where do you stand, denizen of Darwin?"

"I stand on the handle of my Cholophyte Partisan as I jump, pull it out, and to plan a strike! Let us conflict and let fate make its choice with regards to who it favors in it!"

"So be it!!"​
He draws his True Excalibur and the music begins to play. She flies, directing herself towards him; before she can attain success, he jumped at a convenient time and proceeded to do a downward thrust with his Partisan. "It has been said time and time again that you shouldn't hit a girl, but what if she wants to cause grievous harm to you?" he thought as he made his landing. The battle raged on for several hours and he emerged victorious.
Bracchea said:
You shall perish at my hands in our next meeting!
Such were her last words before being subject to a rather volatile loss of life. As he moved towards an exit, using his Butterfly Wings afterwards, he flew away from the mysterious building.​
It has been established that Alex bases his Players around certain traits that he possesses: Player for his remarkable intellect, me for a return to normalcy, and last of all, the focus of this section: Fluffer. The thing is, the latter is a special case: one epitomizing a side of the man that we have not seen before. Lately, he has been more optimistic and outgoing; although he endures occasional bouts of sadness. In that case, Fluffer's personality is one that draws parallels with his creator with remarkable accuracy.
Most of us are rather stoic, and that could invoke feelings of stagnation to others. So, what did he do? He would make a woobie character, of course! Once again, when others first see him in a day, the requirement for them referring to him as "Cute little Fluffer" and the bawling fits that result upon disobedience of the orders may or may not qualify for that criteria. Facing pressures from others in the society, most of which that are self-imposed and based off assumptions in his mind, Fluffer also holds himself accountable for feelings of self-deprecation. In fact, when he is knocked out in battle, he cries; he cries a lot, thinking to himself that he has unimpressed others with his performance (even though this is not the case).
Following the Amazon Schism in March 4, Alex gave us no choice but to move us outside of our Mobile domain. Like I stated before, he had considerations to bring me to the PC before the Schism and finalized his decision. Fluffer, on the other hand, bear a less fortunate fate since he was meant as a Mobile-Exclusive Player whether it would work or not. Upon the move to Console on April 16, he decided that one of us should take it upon themselves continuing representation of the 505 sect; by doing so, he has encountered some fascinating things in Mizlepur. Before I move on, have you heard about a Terraria world devoid of a Guide? Did you have a hard time finding him or he died on the spot post-generation?

Let's just say that he was, by general Player standards, fortunate to witness such a situation. After his short time, in relation to those like me in Darwin, he spent his days moving about and contending against most enemies that he has seen with his starter Copper equipment. Of all us Players, he defeated the most enemies using the Shortsword. It took him quite a while before he would obtain a better sword; one that would be made of iron. Anyways, his digging and exploring ventures proved himself fortunate with reasonable reserves of tin, iron, and gold. For a while, as with anyone else, Alex did not have the best of luck finding pyramids for the sake of the Sandstorm in a Bottle. In that case, he became the first the characters capable of discovering his first pyramid.

Better yet, such a discovery situated on this first world (in console). Unfortunately, the chest inside did not contain a Sandstorm in a Bottle. :( To sum up, it should come to no surprise that he and him would relate most to each other, much to the dismay of George "Maddox" Ouzounian and others.
Judging by what other Amazon users have said recently, it appears as if Alex's move of mine towards the PC version is one that works highly in our favor. Together, we came across a wide variety of interesting faces. Of all, I take the opportunity to lean on the fourth wall with a young lady by the name of Laur. Being a fellow Terrarian writer, she also adheres to the "field reporter" principle of writing where we go about and record observations about our surroundings (in short, we write about nearly everything we see). With that said, we had fun and were delighted to meet each other.

Asides my background, I essentially gave her a recap of the events documented earlier in this thread. To be specific, we went over the day when the Steam Cloud engulfed Krodacia and provided some lore about Player from here to there. All we can remember for that time is the first item.

Unfortunately, all was not too well. Any topics I reserved for further conversation were negated as Laur had to leave. Let's not forget that latency is something very serious among us; it goes as far as inflicting physical strain on us that lasts when we accompany others.

Since then, we got back together and went over the terms authorizing this particular expansion and look at us now: happy, stress-free, and looking forward to a better future. Maybe later, we shall go over the mystique of the Femiscyran Warriors afterwards. Where would we stand? Only then, we wait.
Alex is one to antagonize the humble red ant back before the recession that started in 2008. Having found other hobbies and other interests to occupy him, those particular tensions were lowered. In fact, he had one encounter that was like no other; that of which was either located in the park where those contests began or in Terraria itself. "Eek! :eek: That man in the suit is trying to offer me some contracting work when I'm perfectly capable of building my own things. Somebody help!!" A voice can be heard in the distance: "I'll come to your rescue!!" There he was, another red ant that was taller than him if he stood up alongside him. "A red ant!? It has been so long and I, in all my Terrarian years, am honestly surprised to find someone like you over here." Moving forward, the ant took a small bite at the threatener's waist. Having felt the toxic situation from the injury, he screamed like a banshee and ran off. "Thank you for saving me! You're going to do great things for our universe," said Alex.
"No problem; if people like that guy are giving you trouble, give me a call. If not, you can find me in an anthill near you."
"I'll keep that in mind for future reference! So... What's your name, nice ant?"
"My name is Jay. Jay the little red ant."
"Little? You're about as tall as I am standing up; if not, taller than me! :D If anything, I'll see you later!!"
"Goodbye, Alex!"​
The Great Supper
On February 15, 2012, Alex got a leaflet; not a leaflet in the normal sense, but an actual leaf with writing on it which said:
Greetings friend! Looking back at our first encounter, I want to invite you to a dinner party starting at 4:30 p.m. It will be located in the Great Burrow, fourteen miles from this spot. Feel free to stay for the night, just in case. We will see you there!
The time is 4:25 and he is nearing the entrance of the Burrow. In practice, it's a giant anthill while others have some different ideas about what it could be. As he went inside, other guests were engaged in audible conversation. "Greetings, Alex!" said Jay. "You came here right on time; now take a seat and make yourself at home... Temporary home."

As expected of a feast, the table was pretty long; being longer than most tables of their kind. Both it and the chairs appear to be made of what can possibly be quartz, marble, or granite; either way, they were painted light blue and at least half of the 150+ seats there were taken. Alongside Jay (and parallel to him) are some of his other friends that are also part of the Terrarian High Ordinance. In what can be percieved as a rather surprising move, the ant asked him to take the seat next to him. Alex gladly abided to the offer, bearing considerable amounts of confidence and a smile on his face.

After that, they had some small talk and everyone was served modest helpings of salsa, roast beef, and potato bread. 45 minutes later: "I think I should head to the resting quarters," he said. "However, I think I'll go wherever I was supposed to be..." Jay replied, "No worries, man. It's your choice. You don't have to stay here if you don't want to." Alex proceeded to go to the guest room and take his rest after 35 additional minutes have passed.
Due to spoiler limits, more stories, writings, and other observations can be found in the Periwinkle Pages! Coming soon!
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The wait has ended and the spoiler limit got reached. Ladies and gentlemen, we present you with the Periwinkle Pages!
It came. The Mobile update, I mean. It appears as if the developers saw that we (myself and Fluffer) moved away from it towards other versions of Terraria without any considerations going back.
However, Daikon finally took it upon himself and went forward with immortalizing my personality in a feminine form exploring the new old possibilities present as of now. As he spent a while choosing a name suitable for such an individual, he settled on Xenia once he remembered his plan for such an endeavor once it came (in that case, June 26). From here on out, she came off as myself with a female appearance. Looks deceive and the inside matters more than the outside. As with the universes by which we initially inhabit, you gotta dig down deeper discovering the differences standing distaff counterparts of each other.

Differences Inside

Over the course of three normal Earth weeks, her mental physique diverts itself from mine in various regards. For instance, I would rather suppress conflicts with others using sensible discussion and use my weapons as a last resort. On the other hand, Xenia (most of the time) prefers the use of [deadly] force in a similar situation; relegating conversation between us over the usual stuff.

Drawing Parallels

Thundermoon comes off as a close comparison to her, although she's not one capable of infuriation unless people provoke her. Xenia bears that subverted quirk to a small extent, although she can be reasoned with. Her situation is utterly perplexing, considering that she is meant to be independent from me in Console and Mobile (with a name change for the latter) and a genderswapped version of myself whose presence can be controlled at will (provided I have special potions to do so) on PC.

Because I was based around Player who has the ire of many evil beings, it should come to no surprise that the two are practically the only female characters created by Daikon with this burden.

Firsts (and Mosts)
As stated before...
  • Mr. Character is the guy in the Character Selection Screen and promotional material for the game from the beginning until 1.3 onwards, bearing the signature Iron Pickaxe to further establish this notion.
  • Fluffer is the first character who entered the realm of Console Terraria on the basis of representing the 505 sects once I made my move. He also defeated the most enemies using a Copper Shortsword. Of all he chose for spriters to sprite, he would be the focus of most requests.
  • Halfscopy was named using that baby name generator that he found to name a handful of characters as well who have not attained adequate coverage in this thread. She also got him back to multiplayer with an assortment of interesting ventures.
  • Our woman of the hour defeated the most Eaters in the Corruption asides everything else mentioned above.
We would like to thank Izzabelle for granting her permission to publish this Page centered towards one of her many great biome alternates. Keep up the great work.


A hero's work is never done, considering if he/she performs their duties with rather exceptional performance unless some tragic event befalls them. Even then, the call would find another fortunate soul finishing off what the last person started. We, as people, are ones taking the fullest advantage of the element of surprise; benefitting or impairing others in the process. In that case, the Masters of Terraria oversaw the presence of another realm that can exist in our worlds, unsurprisingly occupied by dark forces.

Before others can do something about it, they decided to send Player to this particular realm; citing banishment as a result of several misdeeds that he performed recently with survival offering a chance of redemption. Considering that this is a game where the vanquishing of evil (and neutral) creatures comes with promise of resources to ensure survival, we live in a universe with rather twisted morals. Having known the real reason why they would do such a thing, I figured it would be in the best interests of Alex to bring up that little piece on its ethics. Anyways, the real reason why they would use that reason for them sending him (Player) to deal with those dark forces falls into just your standard, run-of-the-mill test of his heroics as he was outside of our native 'verse. Let us begin.

The Journey Begins
There he was in a small cave. Near him were three pots, an unlit campfire, and a sign on the ground. There was an opening straight ahead of him that would lead him outside of the cave. He picks it up and reads it.
Recently, we have noticed that you have committed several unkind acts since you have returned from other places. As a result, we have decided to exile you to this area, rife with hostile disturbances that can potentially destroy our universe. There is no time to explain, for you have a task to rid the evils that lurk under this strange world.

Now we have heard numerous times about having to start from the bottom and work our way to the top; however, we are concerned about what goes down under. Try to make it out alive because every move counts in here. Meanwhile, bring as many items as you can so we can conduct some research about this area.

In the case of explanation, we would be willing to give you more exposition about this situation as you move along. Remember your task and remember it good; we're counting on you.

Have a nice day.
Once he placed the sign back on the ground and before he would exit, he lit the campfire. After a flash of white light, it emitted a bright mint glow. "This shouldn't be too much of a problem," he said. "Then again, I should be aware that the terrors that stand before me are slightly tougher than the hellions that proceed them."

As he made his way outside of the cave, he bear witness to houses constructed of planctae (most of which were located on small islands of dust). Above all, there were small ponds and a large river with a liquid substance that had the same color as the flames on the entrance campfire: aether. It was like lava, except it didn't run the risk of potential expiration via ambient temperature. Either way, precaution must be taken lest he ends up drowning in the river or other aetherial bodies.
You can't bottle it, but you can put it in a bucket!
Along the way, he took his Picksaw and directed it toward a vein of nethicite and went after several more veins until he had enough to produce twenty bars of the ore. In that case, he looked to the planctae houses; just as he was about to approach one, a figure in a dark mauve robe appeared out of nowhere. Its hood obscured much of its head and all that can be seen from its face was its mint eyes. It was breathing at a subdued pace, giving Player a deathly stare.

Once it took a deep breath, it told him: "What brings you to the River? Whatever it is, I will be there to stop you." He pulls out his Platinum Shortsword and replies: "So be it." Just as he was about to strike him with it, the figure proceeded to float upwards and raise his hands; conjuring three orbs above its head and went after Player, who proceeded to dodge it with a well-timed roll. Pulling out his Platinum Broadsword, he proceeded to make a diagonal slash towards his attacker. Just as it kneeled down, he put his sword away and proceeded to follow it up with a roundhouse kick.

Just as it was about to lose consciousness, it told him: "This is only the beginning. I will have others at the Ferryman's will put an end to your journey, and based on what I have seen so far, you've been through some tough times. I am but one souless husk of a man; and when I'm gone, I'm gone. You can come back from the dead as many times as you wish with such an oversight bringing surprise and fear into your mind. One last- GAHH!!" He's dead, Jim. Wait a second, what am I talking about? There's no Jim! Moving forward.

[Player taking a planctae slab or something and reenacting that surfing scene from "Lilo and Stitch" goes here]

The Way Forward
Once he finished surfing through Micheal's Bay, he headed straight for the house and opened the door. As he made his way towards the Shadow Chest, he opened it. Inside, there were...

  • 2 Temporal Potions
  • 3 Planctae Skin Potions
  • A Shadow Shuriken
He looted the chest whole and went on his way. He took a Planctae Skin Potion and drank it, just before he can jump into the river. Basilisks emerged from the aether; for some reason, they didn't bother to notice and/or go after him while he swims. Eventually, he found another house and looted the chest inside. It contained the coveted Kusanagi which worked differently than most swords/sword-based weapons in-game as well as more potions.

Resuming his trek, he comes upon a few River Slimes (along with a few Carrion Beetles) and eventually defeat them all. By the time he located a Soulforge, he used it to craft some nethicite and iron bars with the latter going towards an anvil. Upon placing the anvil, a Ethreal Greatsword was made! He leaves the area afterwards to the surprise appearance of three figures that looked like a mix between the Wanderer and a Wraith. They were known as the Lost with some said to be known as "Honored" as they hold the Coin of Passage which is vital to Player's progress in this alt. He proceeded to pull out his Greatsword, run and do a sword plant on the Honored one and roll again as he made it back to the ground whilst its companions chased him. Eventually, they would dissolve once they were defeated; meanwhile, the first attacker was critically wounded. He did another sword plant using Kusanagi, putting the last of the Lost out of commission. All that remains is a Coin of Passage, for he was not ready to square off against the Ferryman on the spot; he picked it up and set course for three quarters from the rightmost end of the world.

The Final Countdown
Having made it three-fourths of the way through this entire realm, Player decides to toss the Coin of Passage into the eponymous River. Over the next five minutes, he faced shivers down his spine more intense than those felt as he broke Shadow Orbs/Crimson Hearts. "Here he comes," he said. This was the beginning of a long and arduous conflict. The ground was shaking for seven seconds. There he was, with his wavy transition frames, the Ferryman. He introduces himself:

"So... I hear that you're Player, the living legend; coming to this realm to challenge me as a test of your heroics."

The living legend responds: "How did you know? Let me guess, you and your cronies have some sort of device that can record my exploits or something?"

"You may be correct about that device, but that is not what matters. What I know is that you have a test to pass and to do so, you'll have to defeat me. Considering your tendency to use weapons that you'd pass up once stronger foes are about, I doubt that you'll emerge victorious without a few scrapes and scratches."
"Oh, yes, the paddle. I forgot about the giant paddle."
"How about I do you in with it unless you're ready to fight me. If you think you can be able to defeat me with such dry wit, you're solely mistaken."
"You have a point. Here is mine."
Player pulls out Kusanagi, directing it towards the Ferryman's face.
"Enough of this insolence! You may have had it easy since your visit, but it will come to an end... An end to your life!"
The Ferryman starts off this fight by sending three Returned Guides after the hero. Mr. Character does another roll and attempts to have them in a single-file line. Once his plan succeeded, he lunges the coveted weapon towards them; destroying them all with a critical hit. The Ferryman moves his aetherial boat with the intent of using his paddle to hit his opponent like a polo ball. Having landed the blow, Player struck a wall and landed on the ground. He didn't give up so he got on his feet and ran towards the keeper of this River, evading any spirit bolts targeting him in the process.

Once he made it on top of the Lantern, he proceeded to whack it repeadetly using his Spectre Hamaxe until it broke. Having spent three and a half minutes, spirit flames came about from the wreckage of the Ferry's primary lights. He gets the Hamaxe into the flames, it and two other weapons just as they were about to flee. To retaliate, the Ferryman tried to strike him using the end of his paddle; however, he missed and gave him an advantage. Within this short time frame, Player took it upon himself to run up the entirety of said paddle to reach his enemy. Just as he was about to reach his face, Player took his Ethreal Greatsword and planted it on his left arm; screaming in pain as he feels the heat from the forces he commands. To finish off his job, he flew up to the face and struck his left eye; for the right eye, he would use Kusanagi to gouge it. He would repeat these processes three or four times until the Ferryman got to speak his final words:

"You are fearless, despite enduring situations that would invoke psychological trauma for most people. With my defeat comes a host of new challenges; new forces to tangle with as you struggle to maintain natural order. Know that I will return, well aware of who has opposed me; also considering those who tried, failing or succeeding to oppose me.

Consider yourself truly victorious; having the chance to use special force and allow us to have our last words. AGGGGHHHHH!!!!!"

The ground shakes again as the Ferryman fades, increment by increment! Rocks fall, but none have hurt Player. Before he would leave this world, he took all that was provided by him and pretended to wipe sweat from his forehead. Taking his Magic Mirror, he looks into it just before he got whisked to his holiday home. In there, he finds a place to store these weapons while the potions and accessories would belong in their respective chests. Once it is done, he mustered the courage to head to his house and lay down on his bed. "It's like nothing happened," he said before closing his eyes. From here on out, a 12 hour slumber has begun.

"There's no place like home."

Tonight, upon this very moment, Alex's desire to find any way he can bringing me back to any version of Terraria published by the Digital Bros. in some shape or form (in that case, Xenia) worked against his favor.

Now, I had a complicated past and some stuff went down. As we all know, it is something you cannot flee from because you will put up with it sometime in your future. In my case, the future is now. 'Twas a black night, usual fare for the universe, accompanied by rain and its pitter-patters. Every once in a while, lightning will strike; however, this is a special instance.

Indeed it struck with a bolt coming eight feet ahead of me. During the flash, I saw a figure whose shadow resembled mine: the orange/light-brownish hair, slightly intense shade of sky blue undershirt with light gray shirt, eggshell colored pants, and dark brown/mahogany shoes. It was me, before I left the mobile version when things got bad. "Hello!" I said to him.

"Have my eyes befallen me? Is this a dream, or maybe a hallucination?"
"Rest assured that you are not dreaming. It is me, in all my old glory."
"What is it? Is there a problem?"
"I think that I forgot some things..."
"You did, indeed. I'm good just the way I am."
"Oh goodness..."
"If that's the attitude that you're going to have, I give myself no other choice to destroy you."
"Now, now... Surely, we can find a more reasonable way to approach this situation, right?"
He stares menacingly at me. I draw my True Excalibur as he draws the Tizona. Following five seconds of staring, I swing my sword with its beam directed towards my past self. Unsurprisingly, he dodged it with a simple jump and followed it up by dashing towards me. Although he'd sic his sword on me at that point, I drew my Pwnhammer and whacked him. "Well played," he said. "You're gonna try harder than that before you can best me!" I retort, "Well, the only person at this point that can fully understand myself is myself."My past self proceeded by throwing a shuriken towards me. And so I thought to myself:

"Is this fighting really worth it, let alone starting? This situation gave me the chance offering insight into my past self, allowing him devotion of precious time towards self-improvement. However, something inside his mind doubted what he saw is me; and with that, he took hostility. Just so I know, I hardly thought about how I'd fare against myself in battle. Above all, I'm certain that my performance stands better than I expected."
Once an hour nearly passes, our clash took us towards a tree. There he was, myself in my original form: sitting, wheezing, Cherry Kool-Aid and all. "We could've got together and reasoned with each other. I didn't know what I should do. In that case, you can say that I got a little scared; especially since events like these happen once in a while," I remarked. "For our sake, I will not finish you off. I learned many things back in the little world called Darwin and I think I forgot them once I made the move to PC. I had a search for gear instead and that took a toll on both of us." He responded, "You know, I'm sorry too. I guess being in a version of Terraria that does not work for the time being cost me a portion of my sanity. On the bright side, I'm glad you mentioned my exploits and how you would use them so you can get ideas once you return to the version of the game where it all started."

I give him a Greater Healing Potion and state, "Everything's going all right. Stay calm." He removes the cork and slowly gulps the Potion. His wounds heal, complete with light auras and sparkles. We gave each other a hug afterwards and I told him my last words: "I will never forget. You are me and I am you. Slowly, but surely, I will get things straight from this point forward and I shall bid you farewell." He retorts, "Goodbye!" just as he vanishes without a trace. The sky adorns the signature bright shades of sky blue and Alex left the Marsupilami music playing. Looking forward at what comes next for me, I move straight ahead at a slow and steady pace.
For quite some time, the fate of Farceur remains unknown as she lay dormant for many Terrarian years. Suddenly, something on Daikon's part got her back in service. It all started with her newfound friend Reina Clothesline and her presence at a free items world. It appears that she told her about the "15 minutes of fame" and other assorted bonuses warranted from joining that community.

Indeed, Farcy accepted the offer and took her tour of the place and all its wonderful builds ranging from a simple crescent well to a house based off launched fireworks. In fact, she even took it upon herself to start conversation with other people (most of which are usually greetings). She then told her, "I am glad I recieved this offer from you, but I must spend some time back in Player's world and prepare myself legitmately upon our creator's wishes." Reina replies, "It's your choice. I advise you take the daily procedurals every once in a while." Since then, she makes her trips toward this special world so she can verify her participation in the aforementioned elective procedurals.

Back in Parms, she scours the land in search of Life and Mana Crystals. Shockingly enough, she has a higher chance finding crystals of the former than the latter. Today,
she got word of entities from another media franchise dimension setting sights on Terrarians. As a result, she spent more time in search of early mode power. Who knows what'll await Farceur as she contends with these otherworldly forces?
Together, since our inception, Player and myself walked across Earth finding all sorts of interesting sights (considering that we are Terraria characters) and fighting all sorts of evils that somehow manage to follow us. He graced the promos and the PC character selection screen for eternities ahead. I made my mark on the mobile version for a year, two months, a week, and a few days. There exist times when fate directs us towards a companion or two. Where do we stand?

Whether it would be the high ground or the low ground, me and Daikon took it upon ourselves and sought a long-anticipated sense of direction regarding all these writings, ramblings, and other observations.

I never really thought I'd accumulate a sizable audience possessing the dedication listening to my tales, but he helped me make it possible. I may not be the most famous character; if anything, I'm approached by others as a cult classic of sorts. Even then, I move, I observe, I record, and he publishes. Together, we'll at least have a legacy of positive encounters with others and how they helped do their part.

Christmas Day is just around the corner, marking two years that I existed as a Player forever gracing the PC version in all its genuine glory. With moves comes benefits with that particular one mentioned previously allowing myself faster opportunities traversing the same world as our creators. There are several items of discussion warranting a mention that crossed my mind as I persist.

First and foremost, the day that the mobile version attains 1.3. Having awareness of all 1.2.x content, I'd reckon it would be the end until advancements in the technical side of smartphones and tablets provoked reconsiderations. Alas, I moved and Fluffer was left suffering the poor fate of existing in a version of Terraria that does not work at the moment and his removal from the version entirely to maintain stable play for the current update. As grim as it sounds, we recieved hope spots in the form of the console version... Well, last-gen console version, strangely confirming our qualms prior to those shocking announcements.

Second, the console fates. Despite the mobile advantages as of today and so forth, console provided a more suitable series of environments for cute little Fluffer and myself in the form of distaff counterpart Xenia. Since her inception, her two forms were ones that remained the most complicated regarding justifications of their existence (where she is a separate Player on Console and a form of mine once I consume a Gender Change Potion). However, those aforementioned complications had an advantage as we found out how we can explain Battle of the Versions.

Moving forward, she set course for console and mobile with her distaff counterpart effectively being myself; although that time, he possessing the Tizona comes off as a what could have been moment for my creator. Back then and even today, the True Excalibur comes close; if not, exceeds it in terms of damage and other bonuses. As a result, it was one of many items I had immune to the bag of spilling effect I experience once I set forth on the PC. To sum up my situation on items of equal or lesser value, I attainted new counterparts vastly superior than the exclusives. My experiences were rather interesting and that's given for me: a Terraria Player desiring the life of normal people.

Well, that's all I can offer at the moment. Here's to another year of written recordings.
An elegant room at an unknown time
The candle rests on the platform, itself composed from the gel of slimes
I stood and thought; thought a while
Now would be the time to prove my guile
I took my left hand and made a fist.
Now or never, do or die, cease and desist.
I struck the flame, it ceasing to exist.
Now I'm successful, but at what cost?
You know what? I'll sleep in the loft.
One Sunday ago, I entered the lands and surfaces of MultiPix: those of which predominantly occupied by Reina. For a little while, I became the primary Player; as with Daikon, we were moderately respectable figures within this time. It all started when I went down to the underground desert village...

Of all her known friends and acquaintances over there, I bear witness towards a half-snake woman with blue hair and other magical adornments along with the famed "Ghost Plant."

There the half-snake was, along with a few others. I unwillingly brought myself into the antics that arose afterwards. Little did I know that they'd send me to a place I rarely visit. On the subject of visits, we were directed towards the clinic. After a while, something strange happened: An unknowingly hostile force engulfed her and changed her body from snake to spirit.

Lo and behold, Sydesum, malicious alter ego of this particular character. She was angry and my buddies followed similar irrational behavior. Her first action involved stabbing everyone with a Platinum Shortsword.

When I passed away, I got whisked into an alternate dimension: a boundless room in white. Eventually, there were voices. And so I recall:

"Boris! Boris! Do you know why you are here?"
"Where am I?"
"We cannot answer that question, for we too do not know where we are. The point being is that spirit has dreadful influence; who knows what she can do across all the known universes? You and your acquaintances must investigate Sydesum before the unthinkable happens."
"Yes, Boris. She seems like a volatile spirit, but she can lead us towards the source of all these evil forces you recognize and fought."
"Where do I start?"
"Go to your friends. You can't do this alone. If anything, it's gonna take a long time. We wish you the best of luck."

Within a moment's notice, I'm back at the underground desert village. It appears that the others freed the snake woman from Sydesum's influence. I rushed towards her and gave her a hug. Someone commented on the situation, knowing that she didn't die; she probably went to the same place I went to when I got stabbed by the spirit.

After leaving MultiPix, I headed towards the snow village. Just as I made my way towards the rainbow brick dye house, the color of my wisp changed once more. This time, he spoke to me: "Hello Boris."

"Who are you?"
"My name is Sanguine. I will help you with the task given by the Vague Voices from Beyond."
"I heard that you're going through writer's block, so I'll help you with that too."
"Sure thing!"
"Now now. Remember your goal. Not just your goal, but the ones for the people you know."
"Of course! Seventh time is the charm."
"Oh, you know about that fact? Anyways, back to your business."

I'll take it; my mind has been telling me that Sydesum managed to kill my other wisp. In that case, it can't decide on whether such a claim would be plausible or not. I have many long days ahead of me.

Image credit: Dr. Stuart Ashen
In the future, all was well until the presence of a blob monster known as Critical Mass threatened civilizations at the time. Eventually, Folgerphone "A-Z" Maxwell would stand as the "last hope" between it and such aforementioned threat. Starting off with a spear and a flying carpet, she directed her efforts towards exploring various areas that she presumed were affected by its influence.

Critical Mass

Image credit: MobyGames page for Cadash
Previously, in the Taito arcade action platform RPG Cadash, the Black Pudding- an assemblage of slimes that launches said slimes as their primary defense- assumes the role of first boss players encounter during that game. Although similarities can get drawn between it and the King Slime, I've concluded that the Pudding seems far more aggressive and flexible. Befitting its status, most would not feel overwhelmed. It would appear in several different incarnations over the course of the game. Somehow, it set course for a vastly advanced society with minor intent on causing mass panic. As it evolves, so does the Pudding.

Eventually, Folger would confront the Mass at once in a space station. This time, it did not just launch slimes as a ranged attack, but shed more slimes in the process and hopefully outnumber her as they hop about maniacally in relation towards its predecessor. In addition, we received reports on how the mass can stagger its opponents when it manipulates gravity as us Players do except it does it naturally.

Either way, she took care of it and achieved vast amounts of praise for her deeds. Prior with those events, a cursed wizard granted her a wealth of Boreal Wood; otherwise kinda sorta invoking establishment of her as just another Player. Consequently, Daikon felt bad and helped her search far and wide for more exciting advents. Sooner or later, she'd find that socialization amongst fellow Terrarians and others as an exciting adventure in itself. Gaining awareness of my writings, she sought a desire coexisting with them on Earth.

A Sense of Establishment

With research at the official Wiki, she set course on establishing her character more starting with a focus on horizontal flight. Whereas the others mainly used Yorai's mystic Spell as a means of vanity flight, she looked towards Lazure's Barrier Platform and its wicked horizontal flight speed bonus between the Vortex Booster and Betsy's Wings. Considering the myriad of bonuses the two provided, she reconsidered her notion until she ultimately decided upon the Booster. Having asked the others about interesting weapons they seen thus far until a certain point in time, she looked towards an instance where Trinity used a "magic stick weapon with a rather unique animation," or so I heard. Eventually, a friend loaned her (well, I obtained the weapon from a friend and handed it for Folger) the "stick thing," known as the Sleepy Octopod.

Her Most Favorite Update
After many days of use, she fell in love with using it; regarding it as "an experience one doesn't normally get with a sword or any melee weapon in that regard." Later on, she recieved the Ghastly Glaive and treated it with nearly the same admiration she had for the Octopod. Sooner or later, she declared 1.3.4 her most favorite Terraria update.

Cool Looks

"I look better this way." ~ F. Maxwell

Strangely enough, Folger had the desire to adorn the hairstyle of legends: number one. Before the full partaking, she must have 500 health. Such a task got completed by Reina since she wanted an even amount of Heart Crystals and Life Fruit, giving some for our lady of the hour in the process. Having finalized her Stylist visit, she stood atop her home and clamored about how she looked better that way.

Reina attained notability among Alex's other Players for the popularization of Pixie Pants among themselves; with her time in Aurora and other servers (which we'll approach in the following section), she'd adopt them more than the trendsetter. As times go, she started favoring short hair. After others faced confusion on her sex, styles offering a balance between short and feminine stand the Euzhe.

Valentine Games

After a while, she looked for servers where she would make a fresh beginning and looked no further towards Valentine Games as part of Al's plan giving her a day in the limelight. Eventually, everyone else got caught up in all sorts of stuff and she set course for being the primary Daikon Valentine. When she does not spend a lot of time messing around in Discord, she'll meet up with others at that cute little community and just wonder around when she posses no plans looking for certain items.
Time I packed my bags and hold my hopes

I went down a few slippery slopes.

'Tis a shame I will not see old faces once more

Off I go, to Valia galore.
Either February 17 or July 7, 2007, the efforts of us three---Myself, Player, and Daikon--- repelled the spirit of Greta Garbon. That time, we knew little about them asides the fact that they're mysterious and evil. As young as they look (currently slated at 28 years of age), they speak with the voice of a cackling witch. "That dress," remarked my creator. "It's certainly- oh... Oh! Ohhhh!" Despite their unusual appearance (as per the norm in Terraria), it did not impede an invoking of charm for my creator.

10 years almost passed since then. Slowly, but surely, their spirit would rise once more. What we're certain about involves the fact that we may contend with them in Terraria itself. As of last night, we concluded that they are a hermaphrodite: allowing any presumptions of them being a guy or girl accurate. "Oh goodness. Another Number Oner," stated Folger. Keeping up with our other activities, she'd engage herself in the investigation of Greta Garbon. Oddly for a Player, they shall get referred in full instead of a shortening (or a mutation, for that matter). However, everyone reached a consensus that we shall simply use their initials for convenience.

As far as I know, they aren't the ones that insist on enslaving planets' worth of people or occasional bouts of omnicide. As per the subverting norm of the universe, their glowing red eyes have not alluded towards those thoughts. "Five days," I declared. "Five days and then some! Maybe that's when they will attack!" Meanwhile at the Terrarian Parms, I took a stroll at the area of white tables and chairs (along with that rest area I devised a while ago). There they were, standing and taking a deep breath.

At the random tin brick construct (because tin bricks and palm wood are the future for building when it comes to the radish man's Players), I asked my creator if he saw Greta Garbon elsewhere. And so he recalls, "Yesterday at Killorn Keep, I saw them standing near that blue brick house I made and taking a deep breath. I kept track of their activities closely, but they didn't seem to mind." A clever individual they were, utilizing such actions evoking innocence in their part. Because they are not entirely evil, could we take it upon ourselves and bring them over to our side for the greater good? Folger insists "Maybe, since it will take a bit of effort for them to concede with us."

At least two or four days following the meetup, the Head Radishmaster announced a change of plans: "We shall not fight them! Maybe they wanna join us or we can make them join us without fighting!" "I guess it sounds plausible, but I want to hear what Boris thinks," said Folger. And so I replied, "That sounds probable. I commend you on your realization that anyone associated with dark forces isn't neccessarily worth dreading." Back in Parms (the dungeon, specifically), we got together and stood around. A greyish Nebula Arcanum projectile appeared, presenting GG. As expected, Daikon declares, "Let us be friends!!" Shockingly, they abide with a retort: "Hehehehe. Sure. I'd love to go adventuring with you fine folk! Even as things get subverted, inverted, or averted, there's those few people that regard me as an evil being on part of my looks and powers. In fact, I have no desire of being one of those people. I'd rather contend with them instead!"

"That's the spirit!" exclaimed creator Daikon. Gold sparkles prevailed amongst the dress of Greta Garbon. Everyone got in the air (even those who lacked Yorai's spell or any flight mechanism) and went at least 5000 feet left of the sun. Who knows where we'd go from here? Amidst how anticlimactic things got, we have our reasons and you're not obligated to think of them as the correct ones.
Over the years we existed as Players (Player Characters, but it's best to stick with "Players" for now without confusing anyone else for Mr. Player Character), a dungeon crawl stands rather inevitable as we go through all sorts of normal worlds. For constructs of green, blue, or pink bricks, these living quarters for workers and/or others who sought the treasures present within them. Depending on how long we spend, we'd amass at least a few stacks' worth of bones. Having seen little or no use of them asides the expected throw to deal damage to 'em, the recent updates gave us reconsiderations.

"Reconsiderations. What reconsiderations?" asked fellow Vindictus member Sleepy. Folger replies, "The furniture. Now we got all these thingies ever since the 1.2 update and all we did was save 'em for later." "Oh I see," said they. Moving forward, we met up at the dungeon entrance on Super ZZT. "What should we build?" I stated. "Perhaps a couch, a dresser, or maybe a bed?" said Farceur. Our creator spontenaously appeared in part of a Happy Grenade getting tossed.

"Yeah! Let's build a bed! A bone bed on a bone mountain!" he exclaimed. One thing I forgot mentioning is that we had considerations for building stuff with the bones we collected during our dungeon crawls. Sorry about that. I and my publisher shall take the blame for that mistake otherwise. Farcy informed him, "Daikon, don't forget that you should have a space that encompasses at least 60 tiles and no more than 750 tiles." On the next day, he went ahead, made the bone mountain and left at least enough space for the bone bed. Folger thought it looked more like a hill than a mountain, but the two came to an agreement somehow. And he asked his second in command if they wanna sleep in it and ran along its sides up to the top.

"How can we do this?" asked my creator. "Could we really sleep in this bed without adhering to the restrictions mentioned by Farceur?" Ms. Maxwell replies, "As you probably said, maybe if we believe in ourselves that we can sleep in these beds." Little did they know that their nap would manifest itself into a fully fledged slumber. Can things get zany from here? Five minutes in, the bed took on a life of its own. "What do you think you're doing!?" It asked the two. "You should've abided by the rules!" And so it stood up on two of its legs and ran all over the place. As it cackled, the thing moved so fast and erratic that it went out of the world. "That's a bad bed," my creator said. "Bed to the bone." Back to the stay at Vindictus, Sleepy asks: "Where's the big bad bed now?" Folger responds, "Last time I recall, the thing found a random world and made its inhabitants do its bidding for galactic conquest or something."

"Wow, really?"
"I kid you not, Sleepy one. That bed's gonna try and conquer us all!"
"What are we gonna do with its ongoing evil plans?"
"We stop them, for we are the Radishmasters: one of many groups of Terraria Player Characters organized for these purposes! You're a Radishmaster too, ya know!"
"Oh yes, I got it. Aren't I supposed to take the role of Daikon if you don't exist in a given universe?"
"A Daikon's a Daikon; also considering our Daikongress where we go about these plans and whatnot."
"That's odd. I can recall these events, but it's Spring 2017!"
"I'm Folger from the distant future and I came so I can deliver these observations."
The Sleepy one decided upon a rest. Was it natural? Probably not since it could be the work of a third party. The big bad bed saga will resume in a while, so stay tuned.
Folgerphone Maxwell, in an attempt to keep herself busy around here, recieves a chance of directly adding another entry amongst these articles. Where will things go from here?

Oh wow. I get to write a Periwinkle Page for once? "Yes. You gotta consider the title, which is pretty clever, don't you think?" inquired Boris. "As you also probably said, 'Nothing really happens around here.'"

"Now, how about I ask you some questions assessing yourself."
"Gotcha," I replied.
"First off, how'd you think you slept over the last fortnight?"
"Well, as far as being a Player Character on Earth goes, pretty well. I still can't close my eyes though."
"I've recieved reports on the occasional questioning of your strength during that time as well. Care to explain?"
"As it turns out, I get nerfed substantially upon my entry, so I gotta do what I can so I can get my powers back."
"Hmmmmm... Interesting. Quite interesting indeed. Moving forward, how's the world treating you?"
"Well. It's treating me well. It's quite surprising for someone like me who singlehandedly constructed a village using boreal wood and boreal wood furniture and other stuff feeling like nothing."
"As our creator would put it, 'That's given since we're Players and all.'"
"Indeed so, buddy."
"Now I thank you for introducing me to Den and all. On the subject of Vindictus [Terraria Server], who is your true love?"
"Nikorin is my true love! My one true love!! If I choose the polygamatic path, I'll have other suitors complimenting him."
"Ah yes. The artist you encountered across it and Valentine Games while you could."
"I figured you and the best Admin++ would fare well from what I seen."
"Best of luck on all our future romantic advances."
[The two make a toast with glasses full of Hawaiian Punch]
"You know, anything goes in an alternate universe."
"Indeed so! Sometimes, I do question if the change of mind when you're presented with a choice and multiple options would change history to a certain degree."
"It happens. That's how it normally works in fiction."
"Only time can tell and this being a matter for a different story... A different adventure."
"Excuse me. Got any more questions?"
"Would you mind explaining your stance regarding online journalism?"
"As second in command, the other Daikon, it's full of clickbait, dishonesty from doubt reading it, provisions of the first item leading towards enforced sponsered content, eventually culminating into coverage of stuff not really qualifying as significant news... You get the picture."
"I do. Sounds like things must've went downhill over the years."
"These days, it just goes to show that I can't really trust the news for reliable information about the world unless I'm feeling desperate."
"What do you think can improve the world wide web of journalism?"
"Suppose a ban on those blasted aggregate sites should do the trick. Once again, money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy your way into Heaven."
"All we can do is sit back and hope for the best."
"Maybe I should avoid that stuff entirely!"
"Pretending like it doesn't exist: oldest trick in the book."
Recently, my creator occasionally dispenses insight about his occasional Costco trips. As one who's sticking to his past, several of them took place in the San Diego County. Within them, he had considerations that I should live in a store. Now that he thinks of it, having myself engage in similar treks stood as the better option.

After that trip at the pier at Oceanside long long ago, I still had that $20 bill the crazy dude gave me. Membership at the place ranges from $60-120. With Folger's newfound earthly advents, I made the best that I could and asked her for some dosh. "Wow! You heard what Alex told you about those stores, right? Every visit has him dispensing a positive critique. Anyways, I'm not gonna do a whole lot with this cash and I'm glad I can offer you enough funds for whatever you plan on purchasing there. As he said before, 'When it comes to Costco, go big or go home.'"

He insisted that I go for the standard, but I set my sights for the Executive class. In anticipation of such an event, I busted out a suit (or at least part of a suit). Before I head towards the place of legends, he gave me a friendly reminder that free samples open up every Saturday and Sunday and the earlier I arrive, things become more pleasant.

San Marcos, as per the norm for the locales where these places stand, exhibits visually appealing surroundings and aesthetics encouraging potential expenditures across the businesses comprising the plaza. I walk through the entrance and several of the employees said hi. With shock that they passed over a man with a crimson rose on his head, I waved back and smiled. Once I reach the membership desk, I declare: "Greetings. I am here so I can sign up for an Executive Membership. I heard many outstanding things about this franchise; allowing them a chance establishing my first impression." The receptionist replied, "Great things, huh? Sounds like your friends referred you about these services." "Indeed so," I remarked. Having filled out the paperwork and recieving the requisite card, I digressed into the warehouse of wonders."
"Alex, you got everything?" I quipped at the Creator Diekon. He responded, "Oh yes I do! It's nice of these Auroran fellows agreeing that they'd meet up at this particular spot for the celebration!" Of course, Folger's cash saw investment in the AC 428 convertible that he got. It had red paint with the side skirts painted mustard yellow. I got 11:28 P.M. on the clock and there he went with the essentials he dubbed his purchases in the 7-Eleven at 6224 Pacific Boulevard: Rainbow Gems, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt and It's Complicated chocolate bars, the Millionaire's Cookie, Fruit Punch Cocktail, along with the highly sought after locally-made Macaroni and Cheese.

He promised Ulti and Hailey that we'd meet up at the Polo Field with the fastest route taking us 33 minutes. Seven minutes have passed. We got in the car with myself taking the wheel as requested by him. "So, Alex. Is this a potluck or something? Perhaps it's another one of those spending sprees you gotta have so you can rack up those reward points?" I asked. "I have true probable cause now. Today's the day that we can revel in a possible contender towards the Costco and Stater Bros. mac 'n cheese. Of course, there's more to come." It certainly took more cash for him attaining the three-speed automatic variant. Furthermore, no one bat an eyelash at the dude with the tan hair and Daikon atop his head as he got what he wanted for the moment.

Overall, the car came in spectacular condition with him taking it for a test drive. Proper fueling and other inspection processes ensued beforehand. Traffic wasn't too bad. Even though some dude came and cut us off, I shrugged it off. If I drove more often, there's more where that came from. We were 16 minutes away from our destination.

"California, huh?" said Ulti. "It's where Diekon came from, judging by all these periodicals Reina left a couple days ago," replied Hailey. The Players boasted rockin' shades of blue and there'd be no doubt that they would define the future of Aurora Terraria. I'd go further, but that's a matter for another Page (or post for that matter).
"The chap leaves a lot to be promised at times, but it's nice he's doing fine here."
"I don't blame him for staying true to his home."
"He was a soul that longed for a Player that would welcome him."
"Huh, you're more involved in this stuff than I thought you'd be in."
"The things that he and his Players say got me curious."
"Oh wow! Alex and Xenia arrived!"

Hailey applauds as we exit the vehicle. "Hey, kids!" she exclaims. I respond, "The radish-intent positivity makes him childishly playful." "I guess it got to you a little," she added. "Awesome! It's not every day where I'd cross paths with an up-and-coming expert of the Diekontinuity. I shall try the Mac 'N Cheese at last and give you guys and gals some while I'm at it!" exclaimed the Creator.

Alternate universe shot of the two Players awaiting Alex and Xenia, adapted from Google StreetView captures.
The deal here is that he'd use a Fire Gauntlet intent on taking the place of a microwave for the meal. After 70 seconds in, it's ready. True towards its form and the times where he could've got his tongue burnt or accidentally bitten, he'd stand it out. Opening the package, he got greeted with the scent of the five creamy cheeses. Grabbing a spork, he scooped the mac and gave it a taste. "By goodness, it's exceptional! The Fire Gauntlet really helped my case here. Anyone else wanna try?" Al inquired. "I will," said Ulti. It's almost like the two had it coming or whatnot. "Not bad, but there's more worthwhile efforts out there," he remarked. "So we're taking turns with the mac 'n cheese, huh? Let's go!" she added. "As you kids would put it, I find it swell. Thanks for sharing!"

But wait, there's more! Alex got another container of the Mac! Out of his contempt, he warmed it up and lent it for the two. "Where are we going to next?" asked Ulti. "Fashion Valley, San Diego!" They'd get up on Hailey's Cute Fishron and follow us en route towards the Gaslamp District. A trip to the mall wouldn't hurt, right? It's been a while for the Rad. `:D

The trip stood fairly satisfying. I'd let him take in the sights as I should pay attention in favor of my surroundings. We are Players, but most others see a couple of dudes and directed with a tacky fashion sense provided they wore the same outfits as us. Having reached the valley, the other two beat us in part of the oft-famous Water Gun at the Cutie tactic.

"Remember when you and Folger asked why some Aurorans were wet?" I asked him. "I sure do!" he responded. The first destination he recalled was Hot-Dog on a Stick, so we went there. Furthermore, everyone got tasked with an Escalator and Elevator Expedition.

On why he insisted upon such an ordeal, he responded with:

It's been years since I've been at this particular area of [the] San Diego [County]! Everything stood stunning and led towards fun times! If we went down every one of the two we can, there's other points of interest we can denote! Afterwards, how's a visit at the Cheesecake Factory sound?
"Sounds like an advent for another documentation," replied Ulti. "From what I recall, you had reports on some locations coming off rather sparse in the lighting department." True towards the psyche of the Head present, he offered his justification with enthusiasm considering his past. After everyone got lemonades, I guess, we started going through the escalators first and elevators intending on alternation between the two.

Sometime on April 26, I've made a visit at the locale myself. First I went with sightseeing and then the Oreo stuff hit me. Dear goodness, it looked beautiful! Fortunately, it's a time where the other Head reeled in the money.
Alas, the wild ride Al and company had in the San Diego County ended. Looking back at those times got me in a state of thoughts on how this thread existed for three years. I spent four weeks abstaining from any more Costco visits in favor of other venues as exemplified in the other foodie journey I underwent with my creator. I returned at the pier once more with approach set on Ruby's. I received word of an envelope delivered by a mysterious contact for one ot the cashiers. Following the unexpected and somewhat deserved backstabbing death of Markham Marlowe on said journey taking place on September 24 of this year, I found his bug he planted on the back seat of my black 2012 model Chrysler 300. Imposing easy removal, I brought it back home so I can analyze the contents and rewire it for us great guys.

As I'd expect, he and Farcy got word of these events. Bright and sunny, just like the last recorded visit, I advanced. The cashier on the right held the envelope and as such, I made my address: "Greetings, fellows of this fine establishment, I received word of an envelope delivered here dedicated for me." An empolyee responded, "Ah yes, this envelope dedicated for one Boris Kaspersky?" Upon agreement, I opened it up in favor of the current and future readers of these pieces:


Erm... Greetings, Mister Kaspersky (or Missus, for your friend Xenia)! I just got finished reading "Bed to the Bone" and traveled a bit. If you plan on adding another Periwinkle Page about the Bone Bed with no name, I got news for you. It just signed an agreement with a band of anthromorphic apple cider vinegar bottles regarding their galactic conquest. They, as arguably most alien species go regarding their first contact, they'll set sights for Earth. Just another one of those days. I suggest gathering some friends including the one I intentionally frantically scrawled. Then again, a mere bed can only go so far in its plans.

I also left you a stack of Space Cash in the envelope along with a limited-edition redfoil York Peppermint Patty they had in one of those other planets. They could attack today or perhaps three days from now; as a Player, you can get things straight and get down with your plans!
With regards,
Nark Nichols Frederich

Even when myself and Daikon got ourselves in the works of producing a novella based on those past experiences with talks of a film adaptation in 2021, taking things slow and steady can not just prevent feelings of tedium alongside doubt. The fun times we can have with others also inspires us. Not just a proofreader, but a consultant on the events, nothing can get in our way without a little resistance. On currents, dedicateds, and future viewers, we thank you for sticking around for these three years with these documents in all shapes and sizes possibly entertaining bored ones. And yes, I left the Ruby's after opening up the envelope. Differing matters would apply in a different live-action adaptation.
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