Resolved [XBox One] I can't join my friend

Trevor Miller

Everytime I accept my friends invite, it says "connecting", but then 2 minutes later it says, " Unable to join session. Please try again in a few minutes." Plz help.
Most likely, your friend is having an issue with his Internet connection. Ask him which NAT type his Xbox reports on the Network status screen. If it's not 'Open', then he can't be the host when playing multiplayer Terraria.

The easiest way to fix this issue is for him to log into his router with a web browser, and then enable an option called UPnP.
My friend has the same problem but his xbox nat type is set to open is there any other things that might be causing the issue? (idk if this helps but he is ome the series x)
I just get a failed to join session message when I attempt to join anybody at all there’s not error code given or anything so I have no idea what could be doing this
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