Video Xman101's Playthrough Shenanigans

Wow, I kinda phased out of forums for a few months there. I'm back, now, and Warwick hasn't changed, to my glad heart. He has some patience, I say. I would never have thought about using teleporters to cut my travel times to the dungeon, let alone actually use my Grand Design for any non-lighting purpose. Or wiring. I can feel I'm missing out.

That Shadowflame Knife impresses me. I would have stopped using it by the time of the mech bosses. I would have tried to get Light Discs. So bouncy. P:

Hope that you're doing alright too, X. This place looked a bit lonely when I got back.
That mud block just wanted a friend! :c

Wow, the second-last hit on Plantera got 'em to 1 HP. I am amazed that Warwick survived to throw another Shadowflame knife.

He actually got loot from the Pirates that doesn't count at furniture or vanity. Okay, someone please do an identity check on him to see if it isn't actually Gravity.

Good to see you back, X, take as long as you need.
Poor Golem. He really got the bad end of it all in the Hardmode Boss roulette. The boss that got made for April Fools.

Hope you've enjoyed your April Fools, X, 'cause I sure did enjoy mine.
While being 20 days late isn't that good of a response to a well played conclusion, I am here nonetheless. I haven't played a lot of Terraria these past days to be honest... I am one of those crazy people that thinks bosses shouldn't need arenas to be beaten, but arena or not, I am happy that they get beaten in the first place. Moon Lord is my prime example of these kinds of bosses, and so congratulations to Warwick for pulling it off. I like how he always moved from side to side so the Nurse wasn't in the firing line all the time.

I, on the other hand, will retreat to the shadows until Xman does another playthrough, or in the event of a Terraria-wise crisis. Wish this one got more attention! No pressure though, you might wanna study for uni. You take care, X.
Happy New Year everyone! The hiatus was back, again, but it is over. Had to get a couple of other videos done before I returned to Terraria stuff. They were about a game called Pinball Science, made in 1998. If you're interested, you can visit the channel on Youtube and check it out for yourselves. :)

Anyways, here's the first episode of hardmode for Chris.
This episode took longer to get out, mainly because Minecraft 1.16 is so cool. But anyways, here's Chris facing up against the angry plant herself.
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