Video Xman101's Playthrough Shenanigans


Xman101's Playthrough Shenanigans
Hello, everyone, and welcome to my hub of playthrough shenanigans! You may recognise me from the Gravity Challenged Playthrough, and now the fun begins again!

The newest playthrough is here, and it's the Expert Melee challenge! See the first episode here:

See the Gravity Challenged Terrarian here:
I'll be updating this post when new videos come out!
Thanks for dropping by! :D
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Sorry for the delay, I've underestimated how long these videos take to edit now that I'm aiming for consistently over 10 mins in every episode. It doesn't help that I'm practically micromanaging the edits with this new style I'm using for the Warwick episodes. Hopefully, once I have more practice with this style, the time between videos should decrease.

That said, I'll be very busy between now and the middle of January, so unfortunately the next episode will have to wait until then. :(

Anyways, enjoy!
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God dammit he didn't get an Arkhalis, what's happened to the RNG, X?!

(Also, sorry for being a day late to this!)

I am still impressed though. His inventory organising skills seem better than mine in any case. Also, here's a tip. Always leave a spare life crystal in your inventory. That way you can do an easy pick up if you happen to be running away from imminent death. The disadvantages of this method include 20 less HP then you should have, though. Applies to Life Fruit too.

Edit: I just realized that this playthrough is the exact same as mine except I didn't get as much loot
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Wow. I've never tried Expert Crimson before, but I can't imagine being separated from my dear Worm Scarf... Warwick has my Blood Moon luck which is also my Solar Eclipse luck. And Episode 4 he's going to get a Night's Edge. He also has patience, something which I never have for fishing, yet have for everything else. I always find beating the bosses much more pleasant. (Then again, I've never done Expert Crimson.)

Here's to Warwick getting Bee Keeper and immediately chest-ing it just like Gravity did!
I'll never be as lucky as goddang Warwick, but I soon will find at least 1 Heart Crystal
Which makes me wonder why I picked a LARGE expert mode world
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