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Your most hilarious / stupid death


any accessory that negates fall damage is disabled if you have the stoned debuff AS WELL as you take EXTRA fall damage than normal


Decide it would be fun to sPeed multi kill golem post endboss while in a pit of lava and didn't realize my health was down to 1 on the 21 kill lost all my items as I was medium char


Another one. I was wandering through my world trying to find some stuff

Then i got swarmed by slimes because i was randomly swinging my Copper Pickaxe to break stuff to expose it on the higher area and hit them all without realizing it by the time i had reached the dungeon and was pivoting back.


The Destroyer
I still remember my very first death, way back when 1.1.2 was 'the final update.'

I didn't think a platformer would have fall damage.
It does.


Stupidest death: i saw a nympth and I wanted to kill it (I'm always hoping for a banner), while fully realising there's a mushy lady bug outside the cabin...and you guessed it...I went straight after the nympth as a suicidal fighter and died...

Hilarious death: one day, I was trying to get a nimbus cloud during the hardmode challenge, but I died...the death message was "Fry's body was mangled by rain" (that proves that Terraria wasnt, and never was, logical)


Stupidest death: As a noob, charging into the corruption and headbutting an Eater of Souls with a copper shortsword.

Hilarious death: Playing co-op with a friend, jumping on a detonator then saying "WORTH IT" in the chat. Was very hilarious.

CraftedNightmare Here!

Official Terrarian
Stupid: Was farming voodoo dolls, then decided to revamp my WoF road, but then one of the dolls fell into the lava because of my full inventory. I then fell into lava because I didn't want to fight WoF

Hilarious: First time fighting Moon Lord, I just cracked up laughing when I saw his face. I wasted all that time laughing, that I didn't realize I was getting rekt'd.


Official Terrarian
Stupidest: Using dynamite trying to kill Pinky, killing me and my house when i was a newb.
Hilarious: Helping 3 of my friends with Solar pillar when a Selenian reflects my Meowmere and kills all 4 of us.


Stupid: Trying to fight Dungeon Guardian with UFO, then hit an floating island.
Hilarious: Having 500 HP and about 90 defense, I think:"let's see whether I can survive in a explosive trap."

I believe they say it's hard because her ability was quite glitched and could even hit you through walls and such and as soon as you were turned to stone, you would fall and take over 9000 fall damage. She still kills from time to time in End game hard mode if i ignore her. I'm not sure if wearing a horseshoe stops the fall damage. I would assume it doesn't because the wing's also do not save you. Can anyone confirm this?
It seems the Featherfall Potion is the only way.


My most hilarious and stupid death is probably my first hardcore character's death (which wasn't hilarious back then). I had started my hardcore playthrough well and I had gathered equipment below the gold tier. I had also found a Pressure Plate for locating traps.

When I was relatively close to the surface, I wasn't expecting to spot any traps. I didn't wield my Pressure Plate while a climbed to the top of an underground hill. Then, suddenly, I heard a Pressure Plate's *CLICK*.

"A TRAP! :red:! WHERE DOES IT, WHERE DOES IT, WHE--" *<PlayerName>'s meat was ripped off the bone.*

I had about 2 seconds to act. I also had vast areas to my both left and right side. I could have easily dodged the boulder by jumping out of its way. However, I was running like a headless chicken in the same spot, turning to the left and right quickly and repeatedly. I had a gut feeling that I had steppped on a dart trap. I felt so dumb when I understood it was a boulder. Luckily this misfortune didn't traumatize me from making other hardcore characters.


Eye of Cthulhu
I have a bunch of traps defending my house for when events or invasions occur, I was fighting Duke Fishron and I had been using a method of kiting (flying around in a straight line dodging attacks) and i had to get to my house to use the nurse (I had about 100 HP left). I went and ran to the nurse, but seemed to forget about the line of boulders i had placed above the door that go off when you open it (another door is used for entering) and I opened the door and to my surprise a junk load of boulders come and *SPLAT* I die.
I like to say that I removed all of the traps from my world and have not used them since XD.
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