Your most hilarious / stupid death

for some reason when i opened up the game for the first time i thought there was no fall damage
yeah also boulder traps
my sister fell wraith to the 'stoned fall damage'
the EOW once pushed my brother into a pit when he was fighting it
i drowned while fighting Duke
got stung by a wasp(and died) when Plantera was on like 100 health
my golem fights in a nutshell
boulder traps...
didn't know what skeletron was so i just dived headfirst into the dungeon
Twins did a sneek attack on my sister after just getting into hard mode and only narrowly missing having a permanent tea party with the wall of flesh
Brother spamming the rod of discord, he trashed it that son of a slime
and out Slime King fights in general
wings ran out of power while halfway into the underworld, took a nice bath in lava
the Red Devils during my daily Wall o' Flesh fights
oh and spawning in right next to the corruption on like my second world
bats plus a long drop
my brother and thin ice caves
ran out of obsidian potions while hellstone mining, took another lovely dip in lava
my sister dieing to a wraith after finally killing the Destroyer
me dieing to a left over probe after killing the Destroyer
dieing to the Destroyer in a nutshell
a boulder trap while leading the Destroyer to hell
(why i thought that was a good idea i have none)
but in terms of good luck
a star once smashed into the EOC's pupil when i was on like two health
Moon Lord was on my side on that night
Died from falling into my own lava trap
Died from being hit by a detonator I put off
Died from rain falling on me
Died several times from fall damage back in Pre Hardmode
I jumped into my hellevator and suddenly died, I FELL ON A BLOCK THAT I FORGOT TO GET RID OFF.
Than I died once by thinking i can walk on lava with the water walking boots, deed.
Also boulder boulder boulder and boulder death.
I Saw A Explosive And Mined The Pressure Plate And Was Like Ha Not Today Did Not See The Second Pressure Plate I Exploded.
lol i've done that before. Times when I can only wonder if it was a funny WorldGen coincidence or if it was intentional WorldGen sneakiness.

For the Topic: Last Night as of the time of this Post, I was fighting Expert Mode Skeletron trying to achieve my first ever Victory ever against him & was on like my 4th - 6th or so attempt. This go of it, I was blessed with a lucky Falling Star smashing through that jerkwad's Head & Right Hand & I took it as a positive Omen that I might win this time! The Battle raged on & eventually it was down to the Head. I fought fiercely & was tense as hell with concentration & trying to keep my cool under pressure... but Skeletron's Head & Homing Skulls were getting faster & harder to maneuver around bit by bit & my Potion Sickness still had quite a bit of seconds left... He was down to just a sliver of Red Health, but he was now going so fast I couldn't take it, & to my humble shame did the worst thing a Warrior could ever do... cracked under the Pressure & Panicked which then lead me to screwing up 2 - 3 Evasive Maneuvers in a row & losing the last bit of health I had left & falling in defeat, just painfully cruelly short of the Finish Line & Victory...! Bet that Monster was laughing his :red: off on his way floating down to the bottom of the Screen to Despawn... :dryadcry:
Stupidest death ever, and I do it at least once in every world: out fishing, change everything and forget I have wings only on social and then jump down the hellevator without switching back. Die on first railroad platform. D'oh. I usually pick up my tombstones and get rid of them. Not that one. I deserved it.
I was mining one day, came across a boulder towers my right, stating I was going to remove it later, and forgot about. So, stupid me saw a chest towards the right saw a chest and ran over the pressure plate and killed myself...
I was trying to kill the dungeon guardian, I was so close but the blood moon rose! A zombie ended up pushing me towards the guardian leading me to my end.
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I mined down and came upon a boulder trap.....I was trying to mine and before I could do that i jumped on it and it killed me........It was'nt even moving :D
It happened twice to me that my friend somehow killed me with a thrown glowstick in co-op, might add ss if i find the tombs lol
When I started Hardmode, I was wondering in the Hallow. I saw a wyvern charging at me and I dodged it with no problem. I was slightly shocked. Then I thought that was SUPPOSED to happen to progress with the game.

So I just willingly stood there, getting massacred by it. At times I would try to jump on it. Boy, was I confused.
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I found an explosive detenator underground once and I was all like what does this button do? I set it off intentionally and went BOOM. On my way back to retrive my coins, I drowned in a puddle of water. Twice. The same puddle!!!!
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I decided I would try something new and use the boomerang exploit to try and kill Plantera (with teleporters and full stack of bananarangs).

Plantera hooked on to my teleporter and I cannot dodge it, so I kept getting hit due to the invaluable teleport-ception.

And yeah, I died.
I Was Endgame, (On Mobile)
Wanted a Chain gun
Killed 17 Santa's, Accidently died. My Friend Stole the Gun :mad:
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