Console Your newest building creations?

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  1. XoArK

    XoArK Steampunker

    Share your newest builds!

    Mine is this:
  2. JordanB500

    JordanB500 Terrarian

    thats nice I made an entire underground area that has a large house area on top with a bunch of rooms for npcs and such,
    the walls have lihzard blocks connected with actuaters that i can activate all around the structure from a safe area(during the blood moon or during an invasion) that has a light switch(that turns all the lights in the building on or off) and a teleporter that connects to 2 places in the building, near the spawn area and a floating island.

    All of this was made on top of a snow biome

    If I get a chance ill take some screenshots, one with a view of all the wires in the building and one without
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  3. XoArK

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  4. XoArK

    XoArK Steampunker

    Another new house I built yesterday.

    Screenshot-Original (3).png
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  5. XoArK

    XoArK Steampunker

    A garden house I built yesterday. (The glass walls are glitched)

    Screenshot-Original (6).png
  6. XoArK

    XoArK Steampunker

    2 New things:

    Terraria (3).png Terraria (4).png
  7. XoArK

    XoArK Steampunker

    I built this with a friend:

    <image removed by staff>
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  8. JD

    JD Terrarian

    How far down can you build a livable house? I'm getting better at making my bases look nice and tried almost all the different materials and I would love to build an underground base but wasn't sure what the cut off point is for npc's. Awesome builds everyone. I watch happy days on youtube and love his builds and playthroughs. Anybody ever check his channel out? He's also kid friendly so my daughter watches him as well.
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    He plays the pic version but he's pretty knowledgeable when it comes to the game and I get some cool ideas from him
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    Pc version .stupid auto correct
  9. RankRazr666

    RankRazr666 Terrarian

    My Man Cave, can't see all of it and I have added a Santa NK1 and Everscream trophy and instead of lihzard brick made it coralstone, few other changes but havent gotten a recent pic... Let me know what you think

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  10. AlexTheTerrarian

    AlexTheTerrarian Skeletron

    Terraria 3DS
    Ness from EarthBound
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  11. Salazar

    Salazar Eye of Cthulhu

    How do i go about posting a screenshot from my console? (PS4) I have a huge Village and Castle/Tower i have been working on that i would like to showcase, but im not sure how to upload it from my console. I might have to post a quick video of it instead due to the size, any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance.
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  12. JordanB500

    JordanB500 Terrarian

    hello can i post a video or would that not be possible i want to take a video of my house which is connected to an underground area which is also connected to a large house for npcs (where i put the grave that says "R.I.P for future updates for Xbox 360 and PS3" cuz it is)
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  13. DarkSlayer80

    DarkSlayer80 Terrarian

    <image removed by staff>This is just a part of my base. I wish I could show all of it! My avatar is my AFK Killing Machine working its magic. The whole machine is a beauty. I wish I could say however, the builds were my idea but I got the ideas from a friend.
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  14. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    DarkSlayer, I needed to remove the image because it included Red's Wings on console. Since they are not currently obtainable through normal gameplay on console we don't allow trading or images of them.
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  15. DarkSlayer80

    DarkSlayer80 Terrarian

    Tadaaaa!!! All fixed my friend! I hope this'll make someone laugh. 2016-11-15-224513.jpg
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  16. DarkSlayer80

    DarkSlayer80 Terrarian

    It's pretty cool at night and its revised! 2016-11-16-082500.jpg
  17. mariovsluigi666

    mariovsluigi666 Terrarian

    You guys are so much more talented than me. :-/
  18. DarkSlayer80

    DarkSlayer80 Terrarian

    Re: Mariovsluigi666 - You could be very surprised about how talented you really are! One thing I learnt is Never doubt yourself especially before you haven't even tried! I don't know you and I don't know if you tried to create something, but I do know that I felt the same way before and I was very surprised when friends saw my creations and told me that they were really good! I have a feeling that the same thing that happened to me, will happen with you! Give it a shot!! I would like to see what you create! Most of all, have fun! That's what it's all about!
    - DS
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  19. XoArK

    XoArK Steampunker

    I really need to update this page, I can build MUCH better nowadays.
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  20. Salazar

    Salazar Eye of Cthulhu

    Prove it.

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