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PC Zoom Fix (720p monitors) - Urgent problem that if fixed will help thousands of people who play on laptop.


Good morning / afternoon community and re logic, this is a very urgent problem that many people will be grateful if solved. Please fix the fov or zoom settings for the 720p and 1080p format screens, it's incredibly stressful not being able to see beyond a small area around, I can't kill duke or the calamity mod bosses because you can't see beyond , people who play terraria on laptops have this problem because of their low resolution monitor and it is not possible to play with the camera so close, if you fix this problem terraria players on laptops will greatly appreciate it.

Excuse the level of English in this post, I am Latin American and I am using google translator.

Thank you.

Storm Diver

Skeletron Prime
Traslation: Nam Tmodloader mod hoc est quod sino vos plus zoom out, ut puto illic 'ullo modo enim non ego vanillia Terraria to zoom out more.
Latin Americans usually speak Spanish not Latin, Latin is a dead language

Anyway here's a Spanish translation from Google Translate:
"Para Tmodloader, existe este mod que te permite alejar más, mientras que para Vanillia Terraria no creo que haya ninguna forma de alejar más"
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