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i am sorry, i am not trying to be rude but, when ever i visit this page, i never see the status saying open.
so it would be nice if you tell when u r open.
again, i apologize if it was rude.
It's ok :^)
Sorry if there is some confusion, I had requests open last month for a little while and then closed them so I could finish. I'm considering opening them up again for a set amount of requests since I have some free time. And it will say in the OP whether it's open or not. So if you are ever unsure about whether it's open or not that's the best place to check.
Alright @Brick Creeper's
request was pretty big but I liked the idea of it so I decided to do it. This is the first one, five more will follow. Gold star to whoever can guess they're it's based on (though that will most likely get easier as I make the rest of them).
Spirit of Flight.png

Also, more wip gifs because lol
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Maybe you could just place the soul/gem in the forehead, and make it glow or something. Also, the tweaked version looks much better.

Edit: Maybe you could put runes on the cloak. Like at the bottom. No idea if that would lock good or not.
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My first reaction- :eek:

My second reaction- :joy:
My third reaction-:redspin:

My fourth reaction- *runs to re-Logic and spray paints zoomo all over their building*

Ok, um... that's huge. I actually have an idea. Why not you make it so it tapers so it goes from very large, to very small in a small amount of time. Then the rest if the boys is a really thin, Whip like tail.
Only the head of a worm but I went kind of overboard and decided to finish up the other ones then maybe finish up the body. I would do the rest of it but this one already way out crazys the rest of them.
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Fantastic use of colors , very interesting pixel clusters , is the blue area where its the most concentrated the eye? It looks absolutely terrifying if I ended up fighting that in game . If you ever get a chance please finish the body , great job yet again zoomo!
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