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Recent content by AlexanderStarship

  1. AlexanderStarship

    PC Castlevania Symphony of the Night (Completed)

    @Alucard3598 is correct. This is not my map, nor my thread. I'm the author of the facepunch thread you linked @FrannkyKnuckles. You can find my map project here: https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/project-castlevania-sotn-a-to-scale-replica-of-draculas-castle.75802/#post-1418759 It...
  2. AlexanderStarship

    Looking for other map makers to chat with

    Do you play using Steam? If so, add me: Alexander Starship
  3. AlexanderStarship

    PC Single Use Teleporter

    One time use logic gate. AND gate to be specific. I can wire something up and post a pic if you'd like. Here you go. The left side is anywhere in your map, the right side is your treasure room. The left side only works once the first time. The right side sends you back. It's one AND gate, one ON...
  4. AlexanderStarship

    PC [Project] Castlevania SOTN. A To-Scale Replica of Dracula's Castle.

    Close to finished. I haven't updated the thread in a long time. I've done a lot more work since the last time I updated, but then worked slowed due to real life issues. My sister passed away, and several other awful things have happened. 2018 has not been good to me. I fell into a spell of...
  5. AlexanderStarship

    PC [showcase] Reliable coin stack breaker

    This is glorious. I'm almost at a loss for words at how efficient it is.
  6. AlexanderStarship

    Solar/Lunar Phase Calendar with Randomized Monoliths

    For some reason it won't let me insert the video I uploaded.
  7. AlexanderStarship

    Solar/Lunar Phase Calendar with Randomized Monoliths

    @DRKV and I made this Solar/Lunar Phase Calendar with monoliths for random celestial events for an adventure map I'm making. It announces the days of the week, moon phases, and fishing power + or - % for that phase. You can set this to your worlds current moon phase. Terraria's moon goes through...
  8. AlexanderStarship

    Someone found a new glitch?

    Can you fish while on the rope like that? If so the camera-panning/biome-changing effect while remaining in one place means you could build a much smaller and more efficient all biomes fishing spot than anyone currently has.
  9. AlexanderStarship

    One Way Trap Floor?

    Dart trap firing a dart in a tube filled with honey (to slow the dart) hitting a teal pressure plate is far superior to Bird Engine tech.
  10. AlexanderStarship

    PC [Showcase] Reprogrammable rotary lock

    This is amazing! The wiring is so neat and orderly and I love the rotary padlock design! You never cease to impress and inspire!
  11. AlexanderStarship

    PC [Question] Need help constructing auto-actuating bridge w/ "player-above" sensors.

    If I understand you correctly yes. That's how it works right now. All the fields are essentially one big field. As soon as a player enters any field, it starts spawning monsters in the hallway. It doesn't stop until a/all player/s exits. Tested in multiplayer and it works. Additional players can...
  12. AlexanderStarship

    PC [Question] Need help constructing auto-actuating bridge w/ "player-above" sensors.

    Heres my drawbridge, do with it what you will. I copy and pasted it into a small world, it's just to the right of spawn. It is one time use, no player sensors, but could easily be modified to suit your purposes. World download at the bottom of post. Here's my player above lamp gate design...
  13. AlexanderStarship

    The core + boss and weapon

    If you want them to add a new terrain layer to the game, The Molten Core, you need more than a new boss and some items/weapons. If you fleshed this idea out a bit, you might come up with some better ideas to hook people into wanting to go to the core. Maybe those new weapons/items can only be...
  14. AlexanderStarship

    PC A Guide to TEdit 3

    That is sad for map makers. So much potential for damsel in distress situations. Could be used cleverly to make a player complete puzzles in a certain amount of time or the bound npc is dropped in lava, or killed by mobs/traps ect. I might make a suggestion on the TEdit page about NPC states. It...
  15. AlexanderStarship

    PC A Guide to TEdit 3

    I removed him, already had goblin invasion checked, so i unchecked and rechecked the box (just to be thorough). Made sure Saved was unchecked next to his name. Re-added him and set spawn. He's still not tied up. Probably patched. Can anyone else confirm?
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