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Dec 14, 2016
Apr 17, 2014
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Feb 3, 1992
Shoreline, WA

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Skeletron Prime, Male, 25, from Shoreline, WA

If you're all wondering what I've been doing, here: http://tinyurl.com/zrodzjk Sep 11, 2016

blahblahbal was last seen:
Dec 14, 2016
    1. UberCAKE
      Happy Birthday!
      1. Gearzoid II likes this.
    2. aaaddaa
      blah are you going to uptate Exxo Avalon.
    3. RDS815
      hi blah
      1. Vladimier likes this.
    4. Bullseye55
      Forgotten to boot up Steam recently, Blah? Noticed you online here, but offline on Steam for quite some time.
      1. Bullseye55
        Able to hop on Steam if able? Have a few concepts I want to run through you involving AvalonMod(And also the topic of a profile picture. XP )
        Sep 20, 2016
    5. Burst
      You are back!
      1. Bullseye55 likes this.
    6. blahblahbal
      1. Vladimier, Bullseye55 and VictorLes like this.
      2. blahblahbal
        I've also been playing PokeMMO a lot xD.
        Sep 11, 2016
        VictorLes likes this.
      3. VictorLes
        you've could told me that i played it in a long time to
        Sep 11, 2016
    7. MountainDrew
      Hello Blah. I hope you had a great summer and I just wanted to say that your modpack was the biggest inspiration for me to create the Calamity Mod. I hope you return at some point in the future to continue your fantastic work. Anyway, I hope life is going good for you right now and I hope you're alright :)
      1. Gearzoid II likes this.
      2. ZcanKal2.0
        Praise redigit! Blah has given the inspiration for a mod that can compete with both Tremor and Thorium!
        Nov 11, 2016
      3. Shrek The Ogre
        Shrek The Ogre
        i think avalon inspired all big mods really
        Mar 13, 2017
    8. Lakeagle9
      Blah, I am using exxo avalon, and i can't encounter bloodshot eyes.
    9. Terenx
      but, there is things I like, 1:more Gems, I really like the aqua color of tourmaline and the neon green of peridot, but there is a glitch where the tourmaline with be able to make a peridot hook.
      2:New Ores, I like the new ores because the others was boring. and 3:armor modifiers, it was really weird being able to make my sword and wings better but not my armor.
    10. Terenx
      Blah, I have played the Avalon 1.3.1 mod, some things I need to point out, 1:Lack of bosses, u have the desert beak but that's it. 2:No Contagion, I really wanted to see it.
    11. Anonymous 44
      Anonymous 44
      hey blah there is a mod on tmodloader that has the same coding that you made for the Steelfang, Mechasting and Cataryst. The mod name is Epicness mod Remastered
      1. Anonymous 44
        Anonymous 44
        just saying :\
        Aug 8, 2016
    12. Terraria "Dragon"
      Terraria "Dragon"
      Hello, I would like to invite you to my design modifications. We really need your help to make "Legendary mod" are you agree to help us ?
    13. Jack Macleod
      Jack Macleod
      Hey Blah, you're a really cool guy, keep up the good work!
      1. blahblahbal likes this.
    14. witherwarrior39
      Hey Blah, i wanted to know how do you get the 600 wat light bulb? im playing this for the first time....a reply would be appreciated, thanks.
      1. ZcanKal2.0
        Kill the Armageden slime (or however you spell it.)
        Nov 11, 2016
    15. Nyancat205
      will u evor have this for tmodloader?
    16. TheGamersStig
      Do you mind if I would about the progress of the mod? just curious.
    17. Mugi Cena
      Mugi Cena
      Hello! Can you help me, please? We are trying with my friend play Terraria Avalon together. But server file doesn't work. What we should do?
      1. waterdogx
        for starters, read a dictionary.
        Aug 31, 2016
    18. xxmpgodxx
      In exxo avalon 1.3 version i'm unable to get any bloodshot lenses. Is it a bug or was it not implemented yet?
    19. Ronny
      Are you still working on the Exxo Avalon mod? If so, are you porting it to tModloader or will it still be a standalone?
    20. Cgrabber
      Hey blah, you still working on trying to get Avalon multiplayer to work? Moreover, is it possible to just use the steam integration to play with friends instead of a server file?
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    Feb 3, 1992 (Age: 25)
    Shoreline, WA
    Re-Logic Games Owned:
    • Terraria: PC
    • Pixel Piracy


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