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Recent content by Cactus_Juice

  1. Cactus_Juice

    If you were to delete one terraria music what would it be

    I really hate the ice biome music. The opening is really intrusive and the amount of time spent early game there doesn’t help. It doesn’t fit any other of the cool techno soundtracks of other biomes either. Just high pitched whine in repeat while you are slowed down in the slow stupid water...
  2. Cactus_Juice

    The Gigachad Terraria challenge

    Spears, flails, short swords are ok, yo-yos stretch it a lot, so for the sake of the challenge, I don’t use yo-yo. You can choose to do yo-yo, but it was too easy on my test world. Also a part of the challenge is the fact that you can’t place crafting stations, so you can’t use them. Also, yo-yo...
  3. Cactus_Juice

    Zenith makes all other weapons obsolete

    I think you guys miss my point. I have no problem with how overpowered it is. All I am saying that it makes other weapons pointless as soon as you get it. The entire design of zenith is the fact that it is the penultimate weapon. The literal combination of the entire journey of melee into a...
  4. Cactus_Juice

    The Gigachad Terraria challenge

    Sharpening station boosts melee damage. Sharpening station fits the Gigachad lifestyle. have fun making content for us to consume pro tip from my play through: katana from traveling merchant is extremely helpful earlygame
  5. Cactus_Juice

    Are there any top-tier swords that operate just like the Muramasa?

    Clorophyte has some high tier melee swords that might work like that
  6. Cactus_Juice

    If Terraria were to do another update what would you want it to be

    This game really is polished to the extreme. Honestly the only thing needed is some QOL changes like dealing with angler rewards RNG and maybe adding an item showing biome borders (I only realized my area was too big and I was fighting enraged plantera until after I beat it). Any ambitious new...
  7. Cactus_Juice

    The Gigachad Terraria challenge

    I am currently starting the most ambitious challenge of my life. The rules are simple: You cannot use any item, consumable, accessory, tool, weapon or armor that doesn’t fit the gigachad lifestyle. Things that do fit the Gigachad lifestyle: -weapons that VISIBLY show they are doing melee...
  8. Cactus_Juice

    Zenith makes all other weapons obsolete

    That’s the point????? Of zenith????? To be ridiculously overpowered???
  9. Cactus_Juice

    Weird Things That We Do/Did In Terraria.

    don’t need potions if you don’t get hit
  10. Cactus_Juice

    Terraria Challenges #2 - Worst Class Challenge

    Listen. I don’t have much time. They are at my door. The locks can only hold for so long. There is the [DATA EXPUNGED] class, where you only can [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] use my knowledge. Destroy the [REDACTED] make sure my research wasnt in vain. they are here. tell my wife and children I...
  11. Cactus_Juice

    What is your FAVORITE Terraria Weapon?

    Game wise, nothing can really beat vampire knives. Heal, damage, and perfect for everything before moon lord. But for the best feel, nothing can beat lasering an enemy with the zenith. It is THE endgame weapon for a reason.
  12. Cactus_Juice

    Terraria Challenges #2 - Worst Class Challenge

    Thrower has a lack of defense (zero) 🙃
  13. Cactus_Juice

    Terraria Challenges #2 - Worst Class Challenge

    You can do thrower on pc if you believe in yourself
  14. Cactus_Juice

    Terraria Challenges #2 - Worst Class Challenge

    The worst class for everyone is technically thrower lol
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