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Personality test thing

e x p a n d e d
CantWontDo said:
The fat little boy throws down a smoke grenade and runs off.
CantWontDo said:
Sting doesn't know it, but that little fat boy was actually the Theorist.
Animus Viral said:
(HE IS TOUCHING THE CHILD *Sics security guards onto Jimmy*)
The fat little boy is giggling
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(just storing this here, ignore it.)
FishyGetsEaten guessed my favorite boss on their first try :(

my beginner sprites
My AMA...?
Name: Gear
Age: 1
Species: Steampunk Robot
Gender: male
Quirks/Pros: Can put itself back together. Equipped with heavy weaponry.
Flaws/Cons: Has only been activated for a year, so he is kind of like a kid. He has an AI, so his behavior is affected by the kind of people he interacts with. (Could be a pro)
Personality: Not very developed. He was programmed to try to not interact with others, because his creator was afraid that he would get corrupted.
Backstory: The cyborg npc that you know about in Terraria was actually created by the mechanic. Gear was created by the steampunker, and is shown being built in the end credits. He was separated from his creator while he was still being programmed.
Equipment: 2 Chain Gun turrets on his shoulder, wields a Proximity Mine Launcher, has a mini nuke II embedded in his chest for emergencies.
Name: Rice
Age: 19
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Quirks/Pros: Likes spice. A lot of spice, like blistering amounts of spice. Really good cook.
Flaws/Cons: Scared of Solarians, they are the ones who burnt down his restaurant. Also tends to overspice others foods, assuming they like spice too.
Personality: Rice is a good cook, he is easy to get along with, unless you did something to him. Then he does fiery vengeance.
Backstory: Rice used to own a famous restaurant. He could make buffs out of anything, and mix up potions of any kind. He liked experimenting with foods and potions. One day, when the Lunar Events started for the first time, the Solar Pillar appeared next to his restaurant. He tried valiantly to defend it, but failed. After the terrarian beat the moon lord, he rebuilt his restaurant. It got burned down again. A thirst for revenge was instilled in him. He became a brewmaster of sorts, good at buffing others and decent at combat.
Equipment: Lots of different potions. Spatulas for melee, And Salt Blasters for range. The Salt Blasters don't hurt anyone, but make wounds much more painful.


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