I feel a yearning for something beautiful
So open, safe and free
I need a place to find you when the world
Comes crashing down on me

Above the trees
These shores are floating softly
Up here I'm free
Hold on and fly up with me
This light so clear
Could bring us back together
These waves, no fear
And we won't sail forever

Swallowed the light
Energized and ever free
Along for the ride
On the blue of a serene dream
I'll take you here
Then we'll float along the breeze
The golden age of paradise
So hurry up and follow me

-Cloud Ocean, by Aviators

I am not an artist and do not make the art I post.

I would not recommend having expectations for me beyond the fact that I will post pictures of dragons, and color all text in my posts that is not within a picture.

Rinh (Hydra) #84a8b0
Alaina Rowe (Gryphon) #8b9fac
Rhode (Kobold) #43845d
March 21
The wrong life, in the wrong world
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: PC
  2. Terraria: Mobile
  3. Pixel Piracy
(Tired of) pretending to belong


I ask that you please use it/its pronouns when referring to me.
I am willing to accept other pronouns, but these are preferred.
Text color indicates who's talking or doing something.
Lavin (Dragon) #bfbfbf
Ertwin (Ghost/Dragon) #8a9fa7
Tallix/Scrapwing (Dragon) #a09797
Defure (Dragon) #585858
Juniper (Human) #808080
Vysius (Dragon) #8a0303
Sylbus (Dragon) #333333
Thracia (Hydra) #1338be
Malavie (Dragon) #73177a
Nereyl (Aquatic dragon) #8176ed
Chir' (Dragon) #697184
Dijth (Aquatic drake) #0f52ba
Ivyss (Wyvern) #14cde1
Kalha (Drake) #c09b96 (Kodour (#cccbde)/Sorolka (#78d4d3))
Vaalden (Sentient costume/Wyvern) #ac703d
Rune (Magic artifact/Drake) #d4af37
Tarrah (Dragon) #82a73a
Lorra (Gryphon) #504af6
Kess (Kitsune) #d81752
Quilaren (Anthro gryphon) #2f9d10
[Warning: Unstable magic could have undesired effects]
Nick Heaton (Human) #618aa5
Ayita (Gryphon) #ac1d41
Phoenix (AI/Spaceship) #7c7d6a
Eeva Saari (Human) #7ce446
Aurora Noble (Cervitaur) #34dd03
Daniel Goulding (Anthro axolotl) #d79dc6
Eilohen (Avali) #1e605f
Zeylts (Protogen) #50a692
Phantom (Mantled beast) #8e7bb0
Delta (Varying species) #316650
Catalyst (Anthro utahraptor) #9fa7ea
Paul Winter (Human) #bcb5d2
----------Below this line characters are significantly less likely to be seen as they are more for lore than RP----------
Flame (Wolf) #9291a1
Nil' (Dragon) #008b8b
Munar ([REDACTED]) #4dffff
Glynin (Lizard/Wyvern) #93a3e3
Versut (Lizard) #75816b
Nesyo (Avali) #a2b3d4
Aleron ([REDACTED]) #000000
Tarko ([REDACTED]) #ff8000
Vil (Dragon) #f3312b
Nameless (Dragon) #ffffff
Fate (Wyvern) #50c878
There are currently no RP specific characters in use.
Void (#0092a6)
Empire (#0492c2)
Unnamed organization of questionable legality (#115c59)
Quotation marks are talking.
"Like this"
Languages are marked with different non-alphanumerical characters in the quotation marks "*like this for example*"
Asterisks * for draconic
|vertical lines| for voidtongue
Equal signs = avian
Tildes ~ for an aquatic version of draconic
Horizontal lines - for wolfspeak
Upward pointers ^ for whatever the language for cats is called.
Slashes / for avali
<<Arrows for radio and other tech based communication.>>
Italics for emphasis in speaking, or telepathy (Which is what I'll primarily use it for)
[Square brackets for writing.] Unless [*done like this*] in the middle of talking, in which case I am using it as [*basically any detail that either I don't know/remember out of character, or has not been properly decided out of character*]
(And this means it's out of character.)
Please ask me through convos on here so I can be certain it's you, and not a spam bot.

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