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My name is fireman7100, that's my name for most of my accounts. I'm also known as Nozzle Nuts. (I actually found out that Nozzle Nuts is a nickname for a fireman just recently haha)
I'm just a guy who likes playing video games. I also like to forge. My favorite games are: Terraria and Resident Evil 4. Games I'm currently playing: DOOM (1991), Wolfenstein 3D, Overwatch, Shovel Knight, and Terraria. I've started Terraria when it first came out on consoles, and I loved it ever since. I played split screen with my dad for hours and hours, we couldn't get enough of it. My dad an I are playing Shovel Knight/Broforce right now, but when console 1.3 comes out, we are gonna play it all the time :D
Nov 20, 2001 (Age: 18)
Re-Logic Games Owned
Terraria: PC, Terraria: Xbox 360, Terraria: PS3/Vita, Terraria: Mobile, Pixel Piracy, Terraria: Playstation 4, Terraria: Nintendo 3DS


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