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Thanks SteamSignature.com! Come follow me on Steam!

Hi! I'm iDuck! My real name is Isaac, I like ducks, and I enjoy long walks on the beach.

How I got my username:
So, a long long time ago, in a galaxy far away...

So my real name is Isaac. My parents were trying to teach me how to say my own name, but there was something wrong with the way I said the 's' sound. It came out as 'd'. I would walk around the house saying, iDuck, iDuck! That is but one part of the story.

I'm sorry, I'm not based off an Apple product, or an app (which you can find) or a floating speaker.

And that's that! :p
TL;DR I couldn't say Isaac as a baby and said iDuck.
November 30
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My Banner Portfolio ~ My Suggestions

"Notice me!" Thanks sanik kunnnn!


A little thing Safrinz made for me. :passionate:


Mega Man X, Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, and Bucket sprites of Craig and Duck! Thanks DerpoTheMagnificent! ;)


Water Fowl, by Jetstream


VVVVVV Guys, by DakotaSpine!


A duck, by Victorles


The 3 Main Legend of Zelda Characters, by theomichailidis


Duck Bunny, by Molos Elethros

Craig, by Corenality


Duck, by ppowersteef


Craig, by Samrux

This dancing duck I found.


Majestic Duck, by Dire Sigma


My Signature, by Milt69466


Duck Armor, by ThatOneRobloxHater


"My Boyfriend," by Magic Sponge


Chica Pirate Flag, by Scarecrow


Chica Dolan, by Scarecrow


Duck Cultist, by It's a me!


Matt, by Razleth

More to come! :D
SzGamer227 said:
There are plenty of stupid people in the world without people trying to be dumb on purpose.
I like the colour of freezing children
Look out everyone
It's Captain Quack
Sitting over there
Enjoying a snack
For but don't take him
As a huge bore
Cos he can rival milt
On the dance floor
And when he enters
This bustling club
He can reduce dancing Darth
To a sub
Cos he can do this
With one wing on his back
While using the other
To deliver a defeating smack
For when he's having fun
He can take out the opposition
With little effort if not none
And so one sight
Of a dancing iDuck
Will make all rivals think
"This is gonna suck."
You know what this means, suggestion forum people? Eat more broccoli.
ppowersteef said:
TCF is my twitter.
Five Nights at Freddy's is not a series about defending yourself from murderous animatronics. It is a series about revenge and justice.
Baconfry said:
Better 108 meaningful alerts than 327 copies of "Swordbomb also commented on Myu's status" and "Myu also commented on Myu's status"
Pixel said:
*screams like a 5 year old American playing CoD*
This is brilliant, though. Diarrheally. You should be flushed with the feeling of success. This suggestion is number one... and... number two...?
excession said:
My ideas may be bad, but they are uniquely bad. Feel free to not listen to me.
She was a first person
Bucket o' Water is make.


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