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:) :) :)
:( :(
:mad: :mad: :mad:
:cool: :cool:
:p :p :p :p
:eek: :eek:
o_O o_O o_O o_O
:dryadindifferent: :dryadindifferent:
:dryadsmile: :dryadsmile: :dryadsmile: :dryadsmile:
:dryadhappy: :dryadhappy: :dryadhappy:
:dryadgrin: :dryadgrin:
:dryadwink: :dryadwink:
:dryadcry: :dryadcry:
:dryadsad: :dryadsad: :dryadsad: :dryadsad:
:dryadmad: :dryadmad: :dryadmad: :dryadmad:
:dryadconfused: :dryadconfused:
:dryadcool: :dryadcool: :dryadcool:
:dryadtongue: :dryadtongue: :dryadtongue: :dryadtongue: :dryadtongue:
:dryadeek: :dryadeek: :dryadeek:
:dryadpassionate: :dryadpassionate:
:dryadwhat: :dryadwhat: :dryadwhat: :dryadwhat: :dryadwhat:
:dryadnaughty: :dryadnaughty:
:merchantindifferent: :merchantindifferent:
:merchantsmile: :merchantsmile: :merchantsmile: :merchantsmile:
:merchanthappy: :merchanthappy:
:merchantgrin: :merchantgrin:
:merchantwink: :merchantwink:
:merchantcry: :merchantcry:
:merchantsad: :merchantsad: :merchantsad: :merchantsad:
:merchantmad: :merchantmad: :merchantmad: :merchantmad:
:merchantconfused: :merchantconfused:
:merchantcool: :merchantcool:
:merchanttongue: :merchanttongue: :merchanttongue: :merchanttongue: :merchanttongue:
:merchanteek: :merchanteek: :merchanteek:
:merchantpassionate: :merchantpassionate:
:merchantrolleyes: :merchantrolleyes:
:merchantwhat: :merchantwhat: :merchantwhat: :merchantwhat: :merchantwhat: :merchantwhat:
:merchantnaughty: :merchantnaughty:
:merchantsigh: :merchantsigh:

:nurse: :nurse: :nurse:
:nursesmile: :nursesmile: :nursesmile: :nursesmile:
:nursehappy: :nursehappy:
:nursegrin: :nursegrin:
:nursewink: :nursewink:
:nursecrying: :nursecrying: :nursecrying:
:nursesad: :nursesad: :nursesad: :nursesad:
:nursemad: :nursemad: :nursemad:
:nurseconfused: :nurseconfused:
:nursecool: :nursecool:
:nursetongue: :nursetongue: :nursetongue: :nursetongue: :nursetongue:
:nurseeek: :nurseeek: :nurseeek:
:nursepassionate: :nursepassionate:
:nurserolleyes: :nurserolleyes:
:nursewhat: :nursewhat: :nursewhat: :nursewhat: :nursewhat: :nursewhat:
:nursenaughty: :nursenaughty:
:nursesigh: :nursesigh:
:pirateindifferent: :pirateindifferent:
~:) ~:) ~:) ~:)
~:happy: ~:happy:
~:D ~:D
~;) ~;)
~:cry: ~:cry:
~:( ~:( ~:(
~:mad: ~:mad: ~:mad: ~:mad:
~:confused: ~:confused:
~:cool: ~:cool:
~:p ~:p ~:p ~:p ~:p
~:eek: ~:eek: ~:eek:
~:passionate: ~:passionate:
~:rolleyes: ~:rolleyes:
~o_O ~o_O ~o_O ~o_O ~o_O ~o_O
~:naughty: ~:naughty:
~:sigh: ~:sigh:

`:indifferent: `:indifferent:
`:) `:) `:) `:)
`:happy: `:happy:
`:D `:D
`;) `;)
`:cry: `:cry: `:cry:
`:( `:( `:(
`:mad: `:mad: `:mad: `:mad:
`:confused: `:confused:
`:cool: `:cool:
`:p `:p `:p `:p `:p
':eek: ':eek: ':eek:
`:passionate: `:passionate:
`:rolleyes: `:rolleyes:
'o_O 'o_O 'o_O 'o_O 'o_O 'o_O
`:naughty: `:naughty:
`:sigh: `:sigh:

:red: :red:

Sep 18, 2003 (Age: 17)


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