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Recent content by Knight Firelorde

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    tModLoader W1K's Mod Redux

    awesome! was not expecting such a quick reply, thank you! ive loved this mod ever since its original version in terraria 1.1/1.2 and am happy to see it still worked on!
  2. K

    tModLoader W1K's Mod Redux

    i dont know if you already are aware, or if im just...missing something but some things are a bit borked, rancid raffalia wont spawn, from what i can remember anyway, and Antlion king doesnt drop a treasure bag if hes meant to, if not then i just havent gotten any loot from him in expert mode.
  3. K

    PC Terraria 1.4 WILL open...unless its maximized windowed

    so terraria is hitting me with the absolute strangest bug(?), so ive tested it and noticed that if its trying to load into a maxed window (not borderless windowed/fullscreen windowed) it'll cause the desktop to...flicker is the best way to put it and steam will say its running for a good couple...
  4. K

    tModLoader Yet Another Boss Health Bar

    your having this issue as well? it said that when i tried to download it from the browser when i checked the logs, but before i hit open logs it said something about me going over the alloted bandwith?
  5. K

    PC Modded summoner playthrough, what base mod to use?

    so i recently got done playing a thrower/rogue using Thorium, and im now wanting to do a summoner run using a different major content mod, but im wondering which would be a good choice. i dont want to use thorium again, and i want to save calamity for a different playthrough, possibly melee or...
  6. K

    tModLoader The Thorium Mod

    so i dont know why this is happening, but after i updated and made a new world for the new boss (just wanna fight it) the grim pointer, on my current character, will not point to a blood altar, instead itll keep pointing to the top left. this is after updating and after reloading the mod to...
  7. K

    tModLoader Been watching chippy's playthrough of spirit mod, been wondering about something.

    well since no one decided to post "hey the mod your looking for is called what mod is this from", can one of the kind mods please delete this thread since i have since found and installed the handy little mod.
  8. K

    PC It feels good to be back!

    Ive been gone from PC terraria for...i want to say 1/2 to 2 years, and almost as soon as i got my new laptop (and there in getting chrome) one of the first things i did was download steam, and then Terraria. it felt like i was right back at home, even with me being gone for most of 1.3's...
  9. K

    tModLoader Tremor Remastered [discontinued]

    aight, sorry for sounding accustory but i didnt want to see anything bad to happen with such a content heavy mod
  10. K

    tModLoader Tremor Remastered [discontinued]

    Looked up the actual sharanga sprite on my ipad while looking at the mods version, similar but not to the point where id say its bad, also, i swear the demon blood is inspired by the same item in the necropolis mod but that may me being a little too tired. i need sleep x_x
  11. K

    tModLoader Tremor Remastered [discontinued]

    forgive me for asking this, my mental faculties arnt up to snuff at the moment but isnt it agianst the rules to use unused PC or use Console exclusive items? the jungle chest mimic has an official wiki page and the sharanga is infact in the console version, im just making sure your mod wont be...
  12. K

    Console Terraria Console Bugs & Issues Status

    im on PS4 so take what i say with a grain of salt, its also 6:30 am so im really tired as well, but! Sometimes im able to just...phase through blocks, like character high blocks (3, for the record) into solid walls, this may have been reported but still, id like to bring this up again, i...
  13. K

    PC 24kgoldring's Shop

    steam: knightfirelorde offer:2 plat 50 gold items: x2 truffle worms seeing as how rare the little buggers are i can go up a little more in the offer
  14. K

    tAPI Grox The Great's Mods o' Magic

    ok so i made the golden thorn scythe weapon, i feel like the animation is supposed to go fully just like the other scythe type weapons/tools, and yet it cocks back and then goes forward. ignore this if the animation was intentional but it just felt off to me
  15. K

    tAPI Grox The Great's Mods o' Magic

    so folivine.....jittery as all hell, and smaller than i expected. also, why can i target his grippers?
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