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Recent content by Malteusa

  1. Malteusa

    Coins will get quick-stacked to Piggy banks, Safe and other portable storages even if favourited

    Normally, favorited items won't get quick-stacked, sold or sorted. However it seems that coins will still get quick-stacked into nearby Piggy banks, Safe, Defender's forge and Void vault even if the coins are favourited. It does not matter if the coins are in the regular inventory or coin slot...
  2. Malteusa


    For some reason the Omnipatcher ModifyAnyItem Tweak's "Open item & attribute editor" crashes the program. Using the current version (2.2.1405.1) don't really know if it happens on previous versions. The logs don't show anything abnormal only [EXPC] Adding TweakItem of ID: 3100 Before crashing.
  3. Malteusa


    Looking at the persistent accessory tweaks, wouldn't it be easier to make custom persistent accessory tweak ? Instead of creating new sets of persistent accessories, just make a configurable tweak that allows users to make any accessory they want to be persistent.
  4. Malteusa

    Working as Designed Star Cannon and Super Star Shooter do not deal critical hits despite listed crit chance

    I remember this 'glitch' occurring in 1.3 as well as older versions as well. It appears as the glitch only happens with the Star Cannon, as the Super Star Shooter is unaffected.
  5. Malteusa


    I really like the tool. However I found out you can't actually edit the Eternia Crystal NPC. An edit to make the crystal invincible or give it a lot of health or defense would be great.
  6. Malteusa

    **REPORTED** Flying Dutchman's Bestiary

    I'm pretty sure the Dutchman is considered as a boss since it has its own trophy, healthbar and mastermode drops. Unless the Martian Saucer has the same issue then it could be intentional. (I highly doubt it considering the Old Ones Army Bosses only require 1 kill and the Bestsy had an oversight...
  7. Malteusa

    **REPORTED** Leeches information do not appear in bestiary after a WoF kill unlike other boss minions.

    As the title says bosses minions appear completed in bestiary after the boss kill. However WoF's leeches do not appear completed unlike WoF's other minions.
  8. Malteusa

    tModLoader Upgraded Accessories

    Since the destroyer scarf was removed. Is there still a reason to nerf the worm scarf ? It's 12% instead of the default 17%. (I don't have calamity so it's not that) Possibly could you add configurable option to remove the Luminite Bar requirement in the Uber Items ?
  9. Malteusa

    tModLoader Litho's Armory

    Could you add a configurable option to prevent this mod's broken hero items dropping from Mothron ? Thorium's Broken Hero pieces are already a substitute. Only other issue I've found is that True Onyx Blaster can only be crafted the Broken Hero Shotgun. Have a safe journey !
  10. Malteusa

    tModLoader tMusicPlayer

    Would it be possible to make the music boxes open while they're being played similar to placed music boxes ? And a way to completely hide the music player.
  11. Malteusa

    tModLoader Consolaria

    Actually, Diseaster Bunnies don't drop eggs and its dropped by corrupt bunnies and its bloody variant. The Easter bunnies also spawn in ocean and possibly throughout the surface. And a few issues I've encountered Spectral Elementals Spawn on surface Hallow. Consolaria Trophies don't show up on...
  12. Malteusa

    tModLoader Crystilium mod.

    I found a some issues with some stuff. Crystal Mimics drop Crystilium Helmets (Post-Crystal King Armor) Prismatic Boomstick's projectiles cannot deal critical hits. Crystal King drops lesser healing potions. Shatterocket(Crystal King Drop) requires RPC(Rocket Propelled Crystals) and RPC don't...
  13. Malteusa

    tModLoader Litho's Armory

    Yeah its blocked off. On the other hand the Hax Staff has the same recipe as the Blood Bagel Staff. And is there a reason for the other variants of Rocket Alphas ? (Beta, Gamma, Delta) ? They aren't converted by usual Rocket Alpha-Accepting Weapons and for some reason Arms Dealer sells Rocket...
  14. Malteusa

    tModLoader Upgraded Accessories

    I'm sort of sad that the Royal Gel Combination, Royal Diving Gear got removed along with Spiked Panic Cuffs. The Diving Gear was honestly one of my favorite accessories from this mod. Since this is the only (smaller) mod that added a Pre-HM Royal Gel combination. And the Ankh Shield is already...
  15. Malteusa

    tModLoader [Released] Jenosis' Furniture, Food, and Fun

    I've found a bug with 'Slug Eyes' item. It says it increases crit by 5% but it instead reduces the crit rate.(The crit rate is halved (x0.5)) And it's combinations 'Parasite' and 'Odd Backpack' also have the similar issue of halving the crit rate, making them useless.
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