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Recent content by Mauri

  1. Mauri

    Terraria 1.3 Complete spoilers and discussion!

    Well all the pictures are in that thread, if you want a gallery of all pics in one place, why not gather them all and put them in one post there? I just think its redundant to have a whole new thread.
  2. Mauri

    Terraria 1.3 Complete spoilers and discussion!

    I thought Terraria Future and Spoilers Discussion Thread was for this purpose? :indifferent:
  3. Mauri

    Share your RNG luck here!

    I'm early into a new world, went fishing, got iron crate with a Falcon Blade in it! And I fished out a Swordfish and a Sawtooth Shark too! Also in one underground chest I found godly Enchanted Boomerang! RNG has been very kind. :passionate:
  4. Mauri

    What was your scariest moment in terraria?

    Just the other day I made another, new world, with new char just to get a break from trying to kill the stupid plant in my main world. Everything was going just fine, got a bit of armor and was exploring underground when BOOM happened. The first time I saw (and experienced) explosive trap. I...
  5. Mauri

    Respawning Plantera?

    Just explore the jungle, there should be more bulbs. I have a few too many in my world, even one in underground jungle I built under my house.
  6. Mauri

    If you could combine two weapons at once

    Nimbus rod and Party bullets (bullets are not a weapons but go with me on this). :redspin: Party clouds!! :redspin:
  7. Mauri

    What biome would you live in?

    I would live in Hell with the Imps and Demons and Bone serpents and what not. :passionate: And have a holiday home on one of the Sky Island and befriend the Wyverns. Together we'll destroy all Harpies. :dryadnaughty:
  8. Mauri

    If you had to marry a Terraria Boss, who would it be?

    Uhh.. Skeletron Prime, because four hands.. And he has these three cool friends.
  9. Mauri

    The Lost Girl/Nymph

    Or if you see her from far away, use ranged weapons on her. Specially if you're early in the game.
  10. Mauri

    What is lacking?

    What I'd like to see is more use for ores, maybe furniture or something. I mean once you craft tools and weapons you don't really need that ore anymore.
  11. Mauri

    Share your RNG luck here!

    I've got a plantera bulb in my own underground jungle. I'm not sure if it's good or bad luck.. P.S. Day 418; Still no scorpions.
  12. Mauri

    Alchemy help

    Then you could just read the start, the very basics of potions and figure the rest out yourself.
  13. Mauri

    Corruption or Crimson?

    It's true crimson has better bosses and armor and stuff, but I'll still say corruption. Solely based on the aesthetics, I hate the crimson background and mobs.
  14. Mauri

    Alchemy help

    You should check out Commander Crocket's guide on steam. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=141870245 It's really clear and helpful.
  15. Mauri

    [Poll] Question for Rangers: what bullets and guns do you prefer to use in the endgame?

    I use guns just for bosses, cause I don't really like them. I do the alternation between ichor and chlorophyte bullets and use them in my uzi.
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