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Recent content by Meglos

  1. Meglos

    Adventure Jemlok Castle

    Can't figure out what 'why so boxed?' means :/
  2. Meglos

    Adventure Jemlok Castle

    v1.4 update now available - list of additions & changes in changelog above.
  3. Meglos

    Adventure Jemlok Castle

    JEMLOK CASTLE Hardmode castle puzzle map with modified/enhanced world, designed for players who want to experience hardmode and late-game content without too much grind. The only rules: - Start with a new character (starting equipment is provided in chests, and a variety of weapons and...
  4. Meglos

    Luminous Paint

    Something that would come in handy for builds. 2 varieties suggested, both crafted at Dye Vat, with 'deep' varieties also craftable. Glow-in-the-Dark Paint Recipe: White Paint & Firefly Makes blocks glow slightly the same colour as fireflies so they are visible in dark, but do not emit light...
  5. Meglos

    Coralstone blocks grow coral in ocean

    Be great if coral grew on coralstone blocks when placed underwater in the ocean biome. Would make for some very pretty coral reefs in game :)
  6. Meglos

    Angler and Fishing Improvements

    Little suggestion that fits in here: Coral can grow on coralstone when submerged in water. Would allow for for farming away from ocean - like every other in-game potion 'plant' can be.
  7. Meglos

    PC Music Making in Terraria

    An added thought: A musician NPC who moves in after you have collected 5 or 10 music boxes, who can then sell you a range of sounds and notes in device form.
  8. Meglos

    PC Music Making in Terraria

    Or maybe just 10 different music boxes for the crafting station? I didn't want to make it too easy to get - more of an endgame fun item.
  9. Meglos

    Items to aid monster farming and treasure gathering

    One of the biggest problems with endgame event farming is waiting for night to fall, so... how about a 'Time Advance Potion' that puts the in-game clock forward by 2 hours, so you can use as many as you want to advance the game time as much as you want.
  10. Meglos

    PC Music Making in Terraria

    How cool it would be to have a craftable/placeable item that can be wired/activated to emit a particular musical note? Imagine a minecart rollercoaster with pressure plates connected to these devices at carefully spaced intervals so that it plays your favourite tune when travelled along! A new...
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