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Recent content by Mejibray860

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    PS4 wts frost and hallowed key mold

    All good I'll be on later today
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    PS4 wts frost and hallowed key mold

    Ahh Ill be on tomorrow unless you're on now
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    PS4 wts frost and hallowed key mold

    I would love too. However I'm currently in a lively parking lot with a blown out tire
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    PS4 wts frost and hallowed key mold

    If you have suspicious looking skulls and need anything let me know though. I'll be happy to trade for them
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    PS4 wts frost and hallowed key mold

    I can make a key no prob. I actually have the other keys/weapons now
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    PS4 Large Community World and New Friends

    Count me in. Mejibray860
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    PS4 Does anyone have the sniper rifle

    I don't do duping but I'm pretty sure I have an extra. Mejibray860 is my psn. I'll be on around 1730
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    Console Do console players recieve the 1.3 update later when the PC comes out?

    I just wanna fight fishron. I'm not stressing though I still have a ranger class to build and 1 more weapon I need from the frostiest of moons
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    Xbox 360 Top 3 magic weapons

    Pretty much what everyone else said and the rainbow gun. Rainbows of death are fun for the whole family
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    Console What's your unluckiest moment in Terraria?

    Finally got the ice queens snowman cannon...and my game promptly crashed:/ last thing I need from the frost moon!!
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    PS4 wtb dragon armor set

    Ok adding now
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    PS4 wtb dragon armor set

    Have Plat and some weapons. Ask me what you need I may be able to oblige
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    PS4 wts frost and hallowed key mold

    Mainly looking for a jungle and corrupt key mold but feel free to make me an offer:)
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    PS4 Trade Center

    I haven't been on but I got you on that inferno fork
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