Noobly Cream

A normal 15-year-old girl artist from Game Jolt. (LGBTQ+ / Bisexual)
OC list:
[namespace available: irl, oc]
irl::CreamAlphaWolfram.color = nil
oc::CreamAlphaWolfram.color = #FF00FF
oc::MicthrowerBF.color = #00FFD7
April 10
the Undertale universe
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: PC
Being a playtesting one / artist / roleplayer and that's all


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[email protected]
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Cream Alpha Wolfram - GJ @CreamAlphaWolfram - Email [email protected] - AMA Link - About Page
Being a singularity, currently.
I love roleplaying, for some reason. :)
Having Esther as someone I enjoy talking with

Hiya Cream here
I have gotten something from them lol
So... I came from GJ and I don't know how tf I have even gone here.
<this is for thoughts> (Special thanks to @Esther)
"(formerly for thoughts) dialogue part (formerly for thoughts)" (Complex, isn't it?)
and yeah that’s all
Cream Alpha Wolfram (persona): FF00FF
Micthrower Boyfriend: 00FFD7
No, haha, I don't even get online often! But you can stay tuned lol
R.I.P Technoblade 1999-2022
More TBA (if u have any idea u can post ur idea in my profile :)


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