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    Where do you stand on Nurse Healing you mid fight?

    I'm playing Expert Mode, and the key is to not hold back IMPO. Play to win, and use all the tools at your disposal- potions, buffs, imbuing station, sharpening station, and perhaps even NPCs. Use the Nurse and Dryad if you can. Expert Mode EoC is no joke for early game. If you're not careful...
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    Great buildings(and else)

    This is a tower I built sometime in 1.2 I think, before you could create angled blocks with the hammer (hence why it's so jaggy). The picture was taken with TEdit, which is why some of the sprites look off. It was my first major build that wasn't "a bunch of room boxes crammed together." It...
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    Member-Run Project ~ Terraria 1.3 Findings Thread! [Spoilers Inside] ~

    I found it on Expert Mode on day 3 or 4, and the timing was perfect. Backstory: I dug into the Underground Desert biome from a normal cavern. I didn't get very far before I found what I thought was an Enchanted Sword. After fighting off some antlions I grabbed it and grappled back to safety to...
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    How To Dowlnload!?!?!

    GoG is not a knock-off site. It's another legitimate online storefront that competes with Steam and also has Terraria. That being said, and not having used Terraria with GoG personally, if you can't play on the servers because you need a newer version, try reinstalling over your current...
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    Official 1.3 Launch Feedback Thread

    You don't yet, not without WINE or another PC emulator. The Linux and Mac versions are in the works though, no ETA.
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    Official 1.3 Launch Feedback Thread

    (possible) EXPERT MODE FEEDBACK (because I'm not sure if this is also in Normal Mode) The golden critters are great. Caught a Golden Squirrel and a Golden Sparrow last night with the bug net for 10 gold each :D It's hard to earn money early on in Expert Mode because of all the dying, so this is...
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    PC IT HAS BEGUN! - Terraria 1.3 Launches Today!

    https://twitter.com/Terraria_Logic/status/615928269930647553 DOWNLOADING OMG
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    PC IT HAS BEGUN! - Terraria 1.3 Launches Today!

    Great moogley googley, I don't think I'll be getting much work done today. <STARES AT CLOCK>
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