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Recent content by RagnarRok

  1. RagnarRok

    WarWar Alpha Base Remake

    Fantastic use of pixel art! Is that supposed to be a stargate in the middle area?
  2. RagnarRok

    PC Dr.Embryo's Builds

    Lookin good...
  3. RagnarRok

    PC RagnarRok's Valhalla

    Simple footbridges and a Mage buff station:
  4. RagnarRok

    PC Bude's Builds

    Charming hobbit hole, I've been wanting to add one of those to my world as well.
  5. RagnarRok

    PC RagnarRok's Valhalla

    Fishing holes: Tundra ice fishing Corruption (in a crimson world) Hallow Mushroom Crimson Sky island
  6. RagnarRok

    PC RagnarRok's Valhalla

    Thanks MrP, it really is quite a sight. I'm new to this posting stuff so still working out the mechanics of getting images and videos displayed here. Hope to have a vid of the stars in motion posted soon. **NOTE- a short video of lounge in action has now been posted
  7. RagnarRok

    PC RagnarRok's Valhalla

    I started playing Terraria in late 2017 and after a few hours in a regular world decided to go all in and do my first complete play thru in a large expert world. My main base is very much an NPC hotel expanded as needed and with a main focus of being functional. Once 1.3.6 becomes available I...
  8. RagnarRok

    PC Tenthy's Creations

    mind blown....
  9. RagnarRok

    Terraria as you've never seen it before

    Wow, I'm blown away by your skill and creativity. Absolutely stunning pixel art. They are all magnificent and I especially like the poppy and rose walls, tiger , dragon and Chi. Would love to know how you managed to get the martian probe and the cultists into the screenshots for the cultist...
  10. RagnarRok

    PC More Inventory Space

    I feel the piggy bank/ safe/ defender's forge offer enough space but some nice QoL improvements would be to allow linking them to hot keys that open them or in the case of the safe and forge also puts them back in the player inventory, thus eliminating those frustrating moments of "oh no the...
  11. RagnarRok

    What is your swear-by-it weapon?

    I'm still on my first playthru, a melee character in an expert large world no less and have Fishron, the cultist/pillars/ Moonlord left, but so far I'd have to say the most useful weapon up to this point has been without a doubt- the Possessed Hatchet.
  12. RagnarRok

    1.4 update suggestions?

    How about adding another world transformation similar to the pre-hardmode to hardmode change triggered in one of two directions by either cleaning up all the corruption in your hardmode world or by achieving a complete spreading/ takeover by corruption. This would then take you into another...
  13. RagnarRok

    Expanded crafting

    It would need to be crafted with a PDA or cellphone and all the needed chests/ crates at the tinkerer's workshop and then would add another toggle switch icon below the minimap (along with the weather , time, moon phase etc.) that when switched on would bring up the app screen.
  14. RagnarRok

    Expanded crafting

    One of the sadder aspects to Terraria is discovering that most materials have a finite period where they are key to the game and then they quickly cease to be useful. What a joy to discover things like asphalt that brings new life to all the stone block and gel piled up in chests! I would love...
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