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Recent content by RocketBoy02

  1. RocketBoy02

    Mythical Beasts & Where to Farm Them: Exploring Terraria's Bestiary

    Please stop with this. The hype is already off the charts, there's no need to keep going! In all seriousness, this is amazing. Can't wait for Journey's End!
  2. RocketBoy02

    What was Old is Made New Again: Revisting the Terraria Experience

    This... I don't... WHAAAAT?! THIS IS AMAZING! All of those useless items are just better! And I LOVE what they did to the armor bonuses (Stardust and Titanium in particular). Also, about time that something happened to Golem, King Slime, and... the Moon Lord, who all got buffed? Ehh, was...
  3. RocketBoy02

    Expand Your Terraria Empire - Pylons, Town Building, and NPC Happiness

    My jaw dropped at the sight of this. That's how amazing I think this will be.
  4. RocketBoy02

    Full Steam Ahead! tModLoader to Launch as Free DLC for Terraria with Journey's End!

    This is amazing news! It really puts a smile on people's faces. I really hope that someday, sometime in the future, people who can only play on mobile and console can experience mods the same way PC players can, but for now this is more than good enough for me.
  5. RocketBoy02

    Mobile Terraria is Now Live: Fixes for Controller + Customization Update!

    The only thing I noticed while playing this version on my Chromebook was the bug fix for the sun. I really wish there would be a bit more customization support for keyboard and mouse, but I'm pleased with the update nonetheless and am excited for how the community will use this power. Still...
  6. RocketBoy02

    Journey's End Vanity Contest!

    Well, the odds are against everyone. Right now I may say that the odds of winning are lower than obtaining the Rod of Discord. Never tell us the odds! Good luck!
  7. RocketBoy02

    Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

    I call my submission the "Blue Star." This vanity is shown in my profile pic and attached to this reply. Keep in mind that this design, if included, is not final, and could change. This is just a rough idea of what it could look like. The three individual pieces are the headgear, torso, and...
  8. RocketBoy02

    Hello, fellow Terrarians!

    Hello there! I am RocketBoy02. I like playing Terraria and doing anything role-playing-related. I always like a good story. I also have a creative mind, but the execution of creative ideas is something I need to work on. I hope to have a great time here on the forums!
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