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  • is it possible to make my own forum on this site if so how do i make 1 ;w;
    Your avatar always catches my attention, because depending on how I look at It, It seems to either be facing the screen, or facing left.
    oh no i need a phone for the new youtube channel ;w; anyways TwT i am going to be making the trailer soon and once i finish making the movie (its going to take me a long time i never used blender before ;w; ) its your choice to subscribe and your choice to send me some fan art ( i want to make my own uh forum i think its called but idk how to make 1 help me ;w; )
    i have good news ^w^ soundtrack 3 and 4 are going to be in the movie yeah!!!! also in i think 6 days im starting to make the trailer :3
    im starting to make the movie at end of school year im very busy ;w; once summer hits ill start it
    the first boss im doing is eye of cthulhu so i want you to vote the bosses you want me to make.

    1: king slime
    2: eater of worlds
    3: brain of cthulhu
    4: queen bee
    5: skeletron
    6: wall of flesh
    7: queen slime
    8: destroyer of worlds
    9: skeletron prime
    10: the twins
    11: empress of light
    12: plantara
    13: golem
    14: lunatic cultist
    15: duke fishron
    16: moon lord
    tell me what your vote is ^w^
    Did you draw your pfp by yourself? It looks good!
    not really i had some help. im still learning how to draw on the computer
    Ah alright
    right now the only thing im good at is making music
    i have bad news and good news. the bad news is soundtrack 3 is delayed due to high rate of lag spikes. good news is sound track 3 and 4 should be out at the same time.
    soundtrack is being delayed today but will be out tomorrow wont be the best but its something but soundtrack 4 will be delayed for at least 25 days
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