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July 25
The Solar Pillar

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Skeletron, Male, from The Solar Pillar

I feel like one of those really professional manga artists, making this Duke Fishron painting... Mar 19, 2019 at 10:03 PM

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    1. SolarDragonMarnyr
      Me? Drawing the Moon Lord? It's more likely than you'd think!
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    2. The_Pawn
      Great art btw~!
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      2. UltiDaniel
        I'm not sure what it is...
        But it looks neat!
        Feb 21, 2019
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      3. SolarDragonMarnyr
        OH NO, IT'S THE COPS!!

        In all seriousness, thank you both, tho! (^^
        Feb 21, 2019
    3. CrazedRPGFan
      Holy cow, you have some pretty sweet arts!
      1. SolarDragonMarnyr
        Thank you so much!! I'm glad you like them!
        Feb 20, 2019
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    4. Defure
      Welcome to the forums, fellow dragon!
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    5. SolarDragonMarnyr
      This thing has real-time updates!? >: D
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    July 25
    The Solar Pillar
    Re-Logic Games Owned:
    • Terraria: PC
    • Terraria: Wii U
    Hiya, I'm Marlin/Marnyr, whichever you wanna call me, and I'm a minor. I like Terraria, drawing, and drawing Terraria stuff! I've got a lot of headcanons too, so you can ask me about those if you wanna. I've got a whole big bucket of OC's you can ask about too.

    Aside from Terraria, I like drawing things, fantasy stuff, and worldbuilding! And dragons. I really really like dragons. Fantasy stuff is one of my hyperfixations, so I don't mind infodumping when I'm not super sleepy.

    Also, I think I should mention I have Asperger's, ADHD, and anxiety, so if I ever do something iffy, please lemme know!


    - Mana (Sort of human, has several forms. Made in really late 2017, and he's my most fleshed out character!)

    - Ifina (More recent, she's an angel, and she's... really strong. She's a professional butt-kicker)

    - Rinvan (Ice entity, very recent, he's got guns and bows and a whole lotta confidence!)

    - Gil (Crimson entity, cold on the outside, soft on the inside. Cool Knight. Made in late 2018, and I still like using him, I just don't have him on PC...)

    - Red (Gil's boyfriend, happy and excitable, also a cool knight, but he's a Hallow entity! I also don't have him on PC yet.)

    - Cala (Calamity+Thorium, she's a god with a dragon form, and I mainly use her to just have fun with. She doesn't really have a story, but she's angry a lot.)

    - Mer (Calamity+Thorium, lonely as hell, currently in a story I should be working on. He's unqualified to be a god but he is one anyways!)


    - Lynx (Demon from hell, made in early 2018, worships the Moon Lord. He's used for fun, too!)

    - Magnus (Corruption entity, I made him in mid-2018, had a really cool story about how he purified the corruption but that hurt him, and despite being a happy boy, he had a LOT of angst poured into him.)

    - Calina (I don't have a lot of info for him yet, but he's Ifina's boyfriend, a werewolf, and I hope to play as him soon!)

    - Suika (Hallow entity, friendly, blind. She's a sweetheart and makes little crafts in her free time, and she uses her hearing to see!)

    - Carson (Evil. Terrible. He's Mana's dad, and he sucks. Come and ask me about him in PM's!)

    - Nephmorph (Wizard, calm and gentle. He's got Carson's knowledge of magic and Corruption, but he's genuinely a good guy. Still just an idea, though...)


    - Moro (Kind of a butt, very cheatsy, old sona. His original name was "Mokio" which I used to go by, but he's just a pillbug in con artist form now)

    - Marnyr (Current sona! That's me, but just cooler, and also a stardust dragon.)

    This is probably going to a constant WIP, but here's the gist of all of my headcanons!

    - The Crimson, Corruption and Hallow are all made from magic and have an effect on the body after a lot of exposure, and why they spit out monsters!

    - Like in my ori-verse, everyone has some type of magic, even if it's subtle in my Terr-verse!

    - Blood Moons, Solar Eclipses not only mess with people's magic, but mess with their feelings a bit. This is why other forms happen sometimes.

    - Hallow is much more dangerous than the Corruption or Crimson in my Terr-verse. Don't go there, please?

    - If there can be hell and there can be devils, there can be angels and harpies playing in the sky. Ifina is an angel, so there's more to this one, but ask me in PM's if you wanna hear!

    - Once again like in my ori-verse, everything has a bit of magic. This is why all of my characters can shapeshift a little bit!


    - The Moon Lord is actually pretty cool, and doesn't care for violence against anyone.

    - Terrarian "worlds" are actually just floating islands, but big! This is why they don't spread Crim/Corruption everwhere.

    - The Ice/snow and Desert/Underground Desert do in fact have magic, but they have less magic than the world evils and the Hallow, so they spit beings out a bit less.