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Feb 10, 1998 (Age: 23)
̶̶͘͡ ̴̴̛͜͟ ̴̀͟͟ ́͝ ҉̵̕͞ ̸͢ ̡̡̧̛ ̴̧̕ ̵̢͘ ̡͡ ͏
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  1. Terraria: PC
Artist/Author/Legally Disabled


Warning: Senseless babble above (and some below.)
Link to my neglected art thread: http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/gamas-art-thread.412/
Not updating this often. Roleplays listed may or may not still be active.
  • Name: Than
  • School: Pensalir
  • Age: 14, but he technically can't die from aging.
  • Year: First
  • Gender: Male
  • * Height: 5 foot 6 inches (168 cm)
Race and Class Details:
  • Race name: Phantom
  • * Racial abilities: All phantoms can possess objects, but their powers can vary based on their eye color (I noticed that someone else did something similar with eye color, though. Not my intention to copy.) Having no eye color, Than's only ability is to possess objects and nothing more. They also don't die of aging, but can be killed through the same means as a human. Phantoms also don't have to eat or sleep.
  • * Racial weaknesses: Phantoms are fully corporeal, despite being transparent and looking ghostly. They have human like limitations.
  • Class: I dunno, Mage?
  • Sub-class: Possesser
  • Brief sub-class summary: Possessing objects allows him to move them around, or even break them apart, unless what he's possessing is living, in which case, he can simply see through their eyes and read their thoughts. Breaking the object he is possessing forcefully will cause him to violently eject from the object, damaged. In the case of living things, he can be manually ejected with an intense thought.
Individual/sub-class powers: Basically described above.

  • Picture or description in their usual dress: He, himself, is semi transparent, and his is completely monochrome grey. His clothes are a white tee shirt, leather jacket with short sleeves, and baggy black jeans.
  • * Picture in formalwear: A simple suit, except the jacket is maroon.
  • * Face-claim if applicable:
  • Weapons and combat gear they use:
  • Hometown: Technically, he was from the wilderness, but was adopted and raised in Elysium.
  • Personality: He is rather bitter toward most races, because he was made fun of and feared as a kid.
  • * How committed they are to their region: He is not committed in the least. The only reason he cares is because his adoptive father cared.
  • * Short backstory: Than, at a young age, wandered the wilderness alone, possessing animals to get from place to place, and learning things about them by examining their mind. One day, he exited the body of a squirrel, right in front of an older man. The man was shocked, but delighted. He led Than back to his home in Elysium. Turns out, the man was a scientist, and he took particular interest in Phantoms. Than learned that his kind were extremely rare. Apparently, the common conception was that Phantoms were half spirit, half some unknown race, since they had abilities like those of spirits. The scientist decided to adopt him, seeing as he had no parents, and named him "Than," after Thanatos, god of death.. Than learned the hard way that people don't seem to like Phantoms very much. He was viewed as an unholy abomination by all the adults, and he scared all the kids. Over time, he became bitter, trusting only his father. One day, his father said that now that he was old enough, he though he should go to Pensalir. He really didn't want to, but didn't want to disappoint his father, either.
  • * Sexuality: Asexual, unknown romantic attraction.
  • Passion: 9
  • Memory: 6
The Rest:
  • * Any other students that they already know and what they think of them:
  • * Notes:
Main Theme: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEbC2dQDsVc
Battle Theme: www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzJlzGaQFoc
Name: Beibhinn Curse (You said to bring your b material.)
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Appearance: Black, long hair (straight but very messy,) pale skin, high and prominent cheekbones, brown eyes. She is slightly overweight due to a slow metabolism, but she wears a baggy black hoodie to hide it. In contrast, she wears slightly tight jeans that are just comfortable enough to move around and fight in, but not well, given she doesn't care for fighting, and just wants a peaceful life where she's left alone.
Class: Healer
Sub Class: Corrupted Medic
Sub Class Description: Beibhinn was born to people with healing powers, but hers were unfortunately corrupted. As such, she can heal people, but it takes a somewhat random toll on them. It also can take off a few days from your lifespan if she screws up. In addition, she has the ability to take away a person's health at the cost of taking some of her own with it. Lastly is the most devastating of her powers: the doomsday timer. She cannot activate this intentionally, but in dire straits, an invisible timer will start ticking down, evidenced by any organic lifeforms around her slowly deteriorating before, when it hits zero, everything in a 2 mile radius dying, including her. Those "killed" by this aren't like normal deaths; They still maintain brain activity. They can be revived if they are treated soon after. She can sometimes revive herself if she went down in good spirits (I.E. she knew she would take out her opponent as well as herself.) If she does revive herself, the damage dealt to everything else is mostly reversed, so they will revive too, but they will be rather sickly for a while while they regain strength. She can also manipulate a person's blood. ((Phew, that was a complicated power set to balance on the fly.))

Character Info:

Backstory: Beibhinn came from a previous world of God-Mod's. In it, some people were born with powers. Her mother was a healer, and so were her siblings. Her powers, however, didn't seem to... well, exist. Her father was a scientist for the government, originally studying her mother for anything potentially dangerous in her power set. Eventually, he fell in love with her, and they married. Later in life, though, Beibhinn finally began to demonstrate some healing powers. She was instructed to never use these powers except how her father (and thus, the government,) allowed. Unfortunately, she frequently stayed from the guidelines, helping stray animals, homeless people, etc. Although her father tried to hide this, the government eventually discovered this, deemed her "uncontrollable and thus, inherently dangerous," and tried to take her away. She resisted, and in her distress, used her powers in a way nobody thought possible: to kill. Long story short, she went on the run, and continued killing anyone she needed to. Now, she barely knew how to do anything else with her powers. Short story shorter, she was eventually cornered by a small army, and shot down. Unfortunately, this started her doomsday timer, but to a planetary degree. She wiped out all life in that world that could be wiped out. However, the world soon changed, probably God-Mod's fault, and people were alive again, but not the same people, it seemed. Also, she had been nerfed, probably also God-Mod's fault, she thought. She's been through a few of his worlds since.
Personality: Beibhinn does not hate people, but she's very cautious, especially if she thinks God-Mod created them. She's generally very self assertive, and she has a deadpan sense of humor. She insults people for fun, but she doesn't generally mean it all too seriously.
Strengths: It is very difficult to kill her without dooming yourself, so healers are needed on standby to revive anyone affected.
Weaknesses: She is immune to healing powers, and must heal the old fashioned way. Also, a skilled healer can out-heal the doomsday timer and live, but they will still be rather sickly.
Weapon of Choice: A single serrated dagger.
Additional Info: I've made a lot of assumptions about the world for the sake of a good character. Alternatively, she could have been from an alternate universe rather than an old world of God-Mod's. I also may not use this character immediately.

Character Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCz3B1-pP8Q
Battle Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pug7eKPcRb4


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