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Recent content by Tarluk

  1. Tarluk

    Queen bee should only enrage when she's out of the jungle or underground jungle.

    Plantera's enrage mechanic existed all the way since 1.2. I think the idea behind it is to make it so a boss has to be fought within a more constricted arena rather than having all the space in the world to fight the boss like with the Mechanical Bosses. And I don't think that should be...
  2. Tarluk

    Add Chests as a drop to Mimics.

    I mean, sure. Not like I own the idea, especially one that's as simple as that. If you want some more crafting ideas for other nonrenewable chests, I'll put a few here as well. Ivy Chests: Can be made with 8 Wood, 2 Jungle Spores, 2 Iron Bars Water Chests: Can be made with 8 Coral, 2 Iron...
  3. Tarluk

    Add Chests as a drop to Mimics.

    I think it'd just make more sense to make Golden Chests craftable with 8 Gold Bars and Shadow Chests craftable with 8 Demonite Bars, since both are renewable materials through fishing and/or boss fights. Makes less clutter and is much more convenient than if Mimics dropped potentially unwanted...
  4. Tarluk

    The Torch God's Favor problem

    You'd just need to turn on the Favor, place a bunch of torches in an area, and turn off the Favor in order to easily collect those biome torches for a campfire rather than having them be converted back into normal torches.
  5. Tarluk

    Resolved I need some help.

    This isn't really the place for that kind of thread. Put it in one of the Support sections rather than the Player Suggestions section, or delete the thread if you've already gotten the answer you want.
  6. Tarluk

    Can't get cobalt

    If the first altar hit spawns Palladium instead of Cobalt, Mythril instead of Orichalcum, etc, the only way you can get the ore not spawned by the altar is to fish up crates after you defeat the Wall of Flesh. Cobalt and Palladium can be found in any crate, Mythril and Orichalcum can be found in...
  7. Tarluk

    PC Purpose of Ocean Tunnels (1.4)

    I could see the value of having ocean tunnels be guaranteed to generate across all oceans and lead to a biome similar to the Aquatic Depths of Thorium. I'd love to have a reason to go to the Ocean at all other than just to save the Angler and maybe make some fun builds for an Ocean village...
  8. Tarluk

    The big problems with the Martian Madness, and a possible solution.

    I mean, it's not like every content patch has been the final one in Re-Logic's eyes, has it? I remember when 1.1 was confirmed to be the final content patch.:p Anyhow, regarding the topic at hand: I don't think the Influx Waver needs to be stronger than the Terra Blade. It would still be...
  9. Tarluk

    PC Terra Blade upgrade before Zenith + More post-ML challenges in the form of enraged boss fights giving exclusive drops.

    I'd just prefer if the Terra Blade got a buff to its stats. It's fine if it's just used directly as a Zenith ingredient (even if I find the Zenith somewhat disappointing) since the True Terra Blade idea is basically just the Zenith but with less steps, and getting the Zenith at all means you've...
  10. Tarluk

    tModLoader Starlight River (WIP)

    The Corrupt/Hallowed Jungle feature really caught my eye, and that alone makes me want to tune into how this mod turns out since I haven't seen any other mod even attempt to implement that idea.
  11. Tarluk

    I guess it's for when you can't find Water Walking Boots in a world and yet have fished the Lava...

    I guess it's for when you can't find Water Walking Boots in a world and yet have fished the Lava Charm sooner than you've fished Ocean Crates? Yeah, I don't get the reason for it existing either. If anything, I'd prefer for it to be removed entirely so it doesn't confuse people.
  12. Tarluk

    May give a way to obtain Golfer in old 1.2 saved world.

    Ooh, that's crafty. Never even thought of doing that. I'll test that for myself, see if it turns into nature walls or safe walls. Best of luck!
  13. Tarluk

    Oi, fancy seeing you here!

    Oi, fancy seeing you here!
  14. Tarluk

    PC Summoner Discussion - What could be done to make it more viable?

    Is that what you call people who disagree with you? Mate, you should stop digging your grave while you still can here and let people agree to disagree. No matter how valid or invalid your points might be, they're not going to give them any thought because you're attacking and insulting anyone...
  15. Tarluk

    The Problem With NPC Happiness

    I know a lot of friends and folks who built like that, and I can use your own words to articulate why; you've done so better than I ever could for this. I know quite a few friends who came back for 1.4 who used to build those hotels for that very reason. But lately in our 1.4 world they've been...
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