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  • I haven't been on the forums in awhile but if you need to buy some stuff or want some help with somethingplz message me
    The leaders of this alliance are going to be the clans that combined leaders who must all have a council in order to make decisions
    Project green is in effect to make a super clan that combines the other clans into a impire of players if you want a alliance you can ask
    Thats what I tell people when they ask how I made the tower of green ibecause I didn't sweat the stuff
    TheOrigami:When you do something wrong you can get a pickaxe and make it better or be fine that you did it at all.
    I don't like these itchy clothes but mother says I have to wear them or i'll scare off the fish
    I need more people in my clan after I get more people i'll eventually start having moderators to help but I will only do 3 so trust is vital
    Current stats: hp:500 mana:enough armor:turtle full fav weapon: terrablade,sniper rifle, vampire knives and paladin hammer
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