clearly you have stumbled on my profile well than
veteran of the great cat girl war that surly I will have severe PTSD when ever the word NYA is brought up
hello she/they pronouns however i will support other pronouns as long as there not offensive
happiness is temporary void is eternal
current theme
past user names
Dev0yrer of gods
time death
time death/maso
snake with a top hat
snake the 6th
this is the worst about me section ever made
Mar 3, 2006 (Age: 18)
Instellar space approaching earth for a snack
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: PC
  2. Pixel Piracy
  3. Terraria: Xbox One
Tree or Axe?
Favorite Thread


ama ask a snake about everything
i preferer she/her pronouns but they/them is fine
i swear i have to put this here so i dont get banned but i have anger issues and am deling with :boulder: so dont take it offensive if i get moody
this is the worst signature ever made

FractionShovel12 I will expire your milk

kazzymodus I'd never :naughty:
Frozen eggs cannot hatch.
snake with a top hat I am the bomb
fractionshovel12 I'll make you fictional

Menerick__∞ 48 paragraph manifesto on why he wants to behead his ex-wife

planet one uranium is delicious 😋😋😋 please find out how to do this
element four Here, you want some rotten intestines too? I'm willing to share.
rattlesnake jake i will exile your spine
king jameth lll OF COURSE! Just make us pay for tModloader too! YOU'RE A GENIUS!


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